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I would just like to say hi to everyone in the class of 1966 and that I am retired but would like to go back to work part time just to keep myself busy.

I live in Middletown, CA. but now that I am single this place does not have a lot to do, so my son who lives with me and I like to get out of here and camp as well as go to P.G., Santa Cruz, and the city for our fun. My son loves monterey and I take him down there and let the stories come out of my past, well not all of them, but he and I love ROCK@ROLL and MUSCLE CARS so we are really into cool things together.

I live for my kids, they are 15 and 20, I waited till I was 40 to get married so my kids are pretty young. I am still a kid myself so we hang out a lot. I would really like to live in P.G. again but I really do not think it will happen, and I know I won"t surf or row the glass bottom boats again, but we can take our bikes and ride around the beach which to me is really cool. Oh well being a single dad is good and life is not bad. So enough about me for now and I hope everyone in our class is doing well.

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