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Our 50th Reunion

As of 4/9/2016

Our 50th reunion in 2016 is ready to sign up. It is the first weekend in October - October 1, 2016 for the BBQ. The night before will be our no host cocktails (Sep 30)

This is the same weekend as the Butterfly Parade and the PGHSAA reunion.

So, an opportunity to reminisce of those days you walked down Pine with butterfly wings and/or a chance to match up with other alumni.

My expectations are you WILL ALL BE THERE.

Details and sign up at Reunion 2016 - Our 50th

I've started to create a page for each reunion. If you have photos of any of the reunions, especially 1986 and earlier, please send them to the Webmaster or contact me to make other arrangements.

The pictures in some years came from more than one person. So you'll see what might appear to be duplicates. You also might say to yourself, "I wonder who that hottie is. I don't remember him/her." There are spouses/significant others in here - sometimes in a photo by themself.

Ode to a Reunion

Year Most recent reunion committee
1976 Reunion Page - none - pre-website Reunion Photos
1986 Reunion Page - none - pre-website Reunion Photos
1991 Reunion Page - none - pre-website Reunion Photos
1996 Reunion Page - none - pre-website Reunion Photos
2001 Reunion Page Reunion Photos
2006 Reunion Page Reunion Photos
2011 Reunion Page UnEdited Reunion Photos
2016 Reunion Page Reunion Photos to follow
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