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This is from a list I came across in my 'memory' box. As the City Manager, I was responsible for 'hiring' those listed below so this is the list of those I 'hired'. I know there were other elected positions such as councilmen and other hired positions but I don't have those.

If anyone knows the other positions and who filled them, please let us know at Student Government Day.

Mayor Jeff Magyar
City Councilmen Rusty Williams
City Manager Tom MacDonald
Assistant City Manager Dan Hufford
Secretary to City Manager Chris Faulks
City Clerk Susie Stutzman
City Clerk Deputy Joyce Locke
Building Department Inspector Jim Nix
Street Foreman Ron Garcia
City Electrician Terry Strachan
Park Foreman ??
Park Superintendent Patsy Bedell
Golf Pros Don Koski
Scott Self
Golf Course Superintendent Tim O'Neill
Sanitary Engineer Peter Currer
Carlin Erickson
Chief of Police Jim Riovo
Police Captain Wally Gottschalk
Fire Department Chief Chris Hunt
Fire Inspector Paul Wong
Police Woman Karen Garcia
Policemen Ron Gorrell
Butch Gomez
Tommy Millette
Firemen Doug Bird
Keith Graham
George Carey
David Jones
Dennis Garrett
Fred Page
Pool & Beach Superintendent Janice Davison
Recreation Director Mike Murphy

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