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This page will be you describing what we are doing now. Use the Roster fill in form and we will use the comments area to post here if you give us permission using the check box on the form. While the fill in box is a certain size, you can put as much in as you want.

Mickey Aiello

I would just like to say hi to everyone in the class of 1966 and that I am retired but would like to go back to work part time just to keep myself busy.

I live in Middletown, CA. but now that I am single this place does not have a lot to do, so my son who lives with me and I like to get out of here and camp as well as go to P.G., Santa Cruz, and the city for our fun. My son loves monterey and I take him down there and let the stories come out of my past, well not all of them, but he and I love ROCK@ROLL and MUSCLE CARS so we are really into cool things together.

I live for my kids, they are 15 and 20, I waited till I was 40 to get married so my kids are pretty young. I am still a kid myself so we hang out a lot. I would really like to live in P.G. again but I really do not think it will happen, and I know I won"t surf or row the glass bottom boats again, but we can take our bikes and ride around the beach which to me is really cool. Oh well being a single dad is good and life is not bad. So enough about me for now and I hope everyone in our class is doing well.

John Alvin
Died February 6, 2008 - Obit

We live in the Hudson River Valley in upstate New York where we are building a home. We are both professional artists and have been for the past thirty years.

After working in the entertainment industry (designing movie posters) for more than two decades, we are turning our skills toward fine art. My gallery is the prestigious Chuck Jones Gallery in Southern California and New Mexico. We were drawn to this part of the country by various things including the legendary light and color of the area, its historical significance, and the small home town atmosphere.

The biggest reason though was to be closer to our daughter Farah who is a professional singer and actress on Broadway in NYC.

Bonnie Bailey


Currently still teaching 2nd grade at Glen View Elementary School in Gilroy. I am still at the Pacific Grove address. After all the traveling and living in distant places growing up, I really appreciate staying in this beautiful spot on the coast. Both of my children are now all grown up and are finding their paths. One is in SF and the other settled in Monterey.


Still teaching. The family has expanded. One child married. I'm happy and enjoying my life.

Patsy (Bedell) Begin


I've been married for 33 years, teaching for 32. I lived in Michigan for 10 years. Both of our children were born back east. Ryan (29) is married and lives in Maryland. Kristy (23) is not married and lives in Virginia. Both attended UC Berkeley on athletic scholarships. Ryan for waterpolo, Kristy for swimming. Both work for Oracle. Dirk and I spend our vacation time traveling east. My parents and brothers are still on the Peninsula, so we are over there quite often too.

Nicola (Berlandt) Walker


I went to junior high in PG, then went to Samoa. After returning, I attended junior year and half of senior year, but did not attend graduation at PG. I attended several other schools, however, the people I knew during this time would be more familiar to me and would like to know if I can be included in a reunion.I have lived in Hayfork CA for the past 30 years and don't plan on leaving any time soon.

Doug Bird


After graduation from PGHS, went to MPC for a year. Ended up in the Navy for 4 years (not the Air Force as I had thought in high school). Spent much of my Navy time in the states with 1 1/2 years in the Phillipines and 3 days in Vietnam (love those short exciting trips).

Lived in Orange County (Huntington Beach) for 9 years, worked painting yachts, and as a diesel mechanic and then decided to get back in school. Went to Orange Coast College for a couple of years. Got married, moved to San Luis Obispo County (Los Osos) to attend Cal Poly SLO. Graduated with a degree in Biology, got divorced and stayed here.

Got a job with the local thieves (government) in 1984 and have been here ever since. I'm now an administrator with the County Public Works Department and work on legal issues related to our various water systems (as well as anything else they can throw at me).

Oh - picked up a Master's in Public Administration in 1987 - so now I feel like I'm fully educated - except where my grandsons are concerned (plus any bad spelling you may see here).

I remarried in 1987 and my wife has a son and daughter - who are now in their 30's. My step-daughter has triplet boys (my grandsons) now age 10. I'm teaching them how to boogie board (while trying to remember how myself).

My wife, Shirley McIntyre-Bird, is from the Bay area (Menlo Atherton, Lafayette) but moved to the central coast in 1980 with her son and daughter (Mike & Sue). Shirley has been working with the local county crisis line for the last 11 years as the Senior Coordinator and previously as the Long Term Care Ombudsman. She's the local expert on legal issues relating to seniors and elder issues and works with the various social services agencies as well as a number of law enforcement agencies and legal firms. In between all of that she manages to find time to be the best grandma around (per our grandsons) as well as the best wife and partner (per me) that you could ask for.

We now live in Atascadero and I work in the courthouse in San Luis Obispo - if you're ever going to be in the area be sure to give me a call. I'm only posting my work phone but will provide my home phone if you send an e-mail requesting it. Best Wishes. Doug.

Toni (Boutin) Laine


Moved to Houston to work for my sister in 1987. I bought a house here, moved my widowed mother here from Monterey and took care of her until she died at age 92. I still miss her.

Have been busy working, getting a degree in Finance and watching my three grandchildren grow up.

At this point in my life I am looking forward to retirement and having time to travel and do so many things that I have planned!

Bob Brisco


My health is great,heart is strong and been cancer free four years now.

Man the next reunion is 2016, When you put it that way its scary, I hope Obama will be gone, social security will be solvent and America will still be a democracy :)

Mary (Bruchs) Kanalakis

Things are really going great for me. I'm still working at CTB - the same place for almost 22 years. I manage state-wide testing programs for high school and elementary school levels. Right now I work closely with the Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut State Departments of Education to implement legislated testing. Needless to say, I travel a fair bit. But I'm also getting ready to retire and try something different. There is still a lot I want to do.

We live at the top of Los Laureles Grade off the Monterey-Salinas Highway. We are finally getting caught up with our daily activities after coming out of a long but successful election, when my husband, Mike, was elected Sheriff of Monterey County. Now that is over, I can spend time with my two little grand daughters (2 yrs and 4 months). Both of my sons are in the San Jose area. That means we can see them frequently.

We were thrown a curve last month (January, 2003). My mother passed away in an accident - only one week after Mike's swearing in ceremony, so I'm glad she was able to be there for that. She had worked so hard on the campaign with us. But she died doing what she loved best - gardening. She was overdoing it - as usual - and fell on some uneven ground. The fall caused her death. My days are now spent getting Dad adjusted and cared for.

In all, I feel very blessed. I miss the old crowd, but also find my days filled with making new friends throughout the county and at the state level, now that Mike's work has expanded our horizons and my own work takes me out of state. There is little time to rest. Fortunately, we both love the activities and being involved. So you will hear no complaints from me! Best wishes to all my classmates!

Allison (Burnham) Gates

As of 10/6/04
Never had much feeling for people in high school. Was always a stanger. My father was in the service and I went to 14 different grammer schools. but never felt so ostercised as I did at PG high. I think its an age thing. I hold no grudge. I'm successful now, and it comes from estrangement, the desire to achieve. But curious what has happened to the rest of you.

John Busico

As of 3/2/11
Still Alive and working.I own a restoration shop called Lost Art Restoration

George Carey


Retired from the Yuba City Police Department in Jan/2004. Now own my own business providing specialized training for law enforcement, military operations personnel, and front line personnel in high-risk occupantions across the US.


Luella (Cartwright) Lee

Married to James for 12 years. Only kids have 4 feet and go 'baa..aa..'

Have 18 acres with goats, barbadoes, jackasses, chickens, dogs, cats. Spent several years driving an 18-wheeler, 10 1/2 years in the Army, currently medically retired because of injuries suffered while on active duty.

Free-lance crochet designer, published by McCalls, Leisure Arts and some other publications.

Updated 9/7/04

Have lived all over the country. Drove truck for JB Hunt and Watkins Motor Lines for 2 1/2 years. Very capable waitress/cook/bartender - and not a bad bouncer! Joined the Army in 1980, turned 32 in boot camp, served at: Ft Jackson, SC; Ft Bliss, Tx; Germany; Ft Hood, Tx; Ft Benjamin Harrison, In; and Korea; medically retired from Ft Hood in 1990. Made SGT/E-5 and was promotable upon discharge.

Currently: Active in Lometa Lions Club; American Legion; and local fair committee. Hobbies: Crocheting, quilting, playing poker on the computer, and taking care of critters - dogs, cats, goats, barbadoes, and jackasses. Edit a small weekly local newspaper. Married to James for 16 years. He changed his name when we married, which played havoc with the military computers. It took 2 years to convince them he was not my wife!

Craig Coffin


One cool thing that's happened recently was my second son's graduation from PGHS, Friday. The Class of 007 is really cool. Sharp. Fun. Good, Good people. The front page picture and article in The Herald Saturday was about Ellen, the girl with Downs syndrome who made it all the way through the PG school system, and gave a beautiful speech at the ceremony. Positivity overcoming adversity. Her classmates gave her a sustained standing ovation. My son started at MPC Monday (certainly not his first classes there).

My other son is in the Class of 2001. He's since graduated from UCLA's honors program in three years, traveled around South America twice, Saipan (where he taught high school), the Philippines, Indonesia and Southeast Asia. Right now, he's in Tokyo, teaching English and hanging out with his wonderful Japanese girlfriend, who he met in Vietnam. How 'bout that? Nationals of two former occupiers. Make love, not war.

I've been back in PG since '76, married to Elvira since '79. She's a Chinese/Mexican Mexican, who I met while shopping for opals and agates in Mexico in '77. I've been thoroughly enjoying a big, and constantly growing, fantastic family in my other country. (Thanks, Mrs. Shepard, for the second language.)

I'm not doing politics, now. The annoying Teen-Age Republican ended up registering as such only for the sake of voting for Timothy Leary in that party's gubernatorial primary against Ray-Gun. After four years at USC, I dropped out the month before graduation, during the 1970 strike protesting Tricky Dick's Cambodia incursion. After a couple a years underground, I returned, at the behest of a federal judge, to finish my degree in Philosophy and start graduate work, focusing on International Relations. I was inactive Peace and Freedom, until Jackson's '88 campaign. After a national convention, almost four years on the state Central Committee, and as secretary of the county CC, I'd had more than enough of that ego-maniacal opportunist and what I've come to refer to as "the Democrat branch of the Republicrat machine", so I helped found the Green Party in the county, the state, and the US. I ran for State Senate and Congress.

Then I dropped out, to concentrate on my novel, "Reflections of a Born-Again Pagan Radical" (Available in Monterey Peninsula book stores and all over the internet, including Amazon. The best place to browse it is at iUniverse.. The two-page opening chapter and much of the second are about PG, which is an ideal, throughout. The book's gotten lotsa praise for its effectiveness at bringing the '60's to life, though it's intended to be much more than a mere nostalgia piece.

I haven't gotten into pushing it, 'cause right after I finished it, I got cancer. They slit my throat and radiated me. No sign of recurrence for almost two years, now. They'll officially pronounce me cured, if it stays that way for five years.

Whoa! Enough, for now. The student'll be wanting his study back, soon. - Enjoy every moment... Your friend, Craig. (BTW, The Herald's been making a big deal about the 40th anniversary of Monterey Pop (June 16-18) and the Summer of Love, which it kicked off. D.A.Pennebaker'll be at the State Theater Saturday, to kick off the showing of his documentary about the big event. It'll be there through the 21st. Then at the end of next month, there's gonna be a 40th anniversary festival at the fairgrounds.)

Ben Culala


Well the roster has some additions. We started with Nichole(30), then came Caroline (14) McKinley(9) Karsen (7) Now there is Carter (4) and Cameron (1) I know how it works, I have just always wanted a Big Family. I just retired and I miss teaching like crazy.I miss PG too. God Be With You All!


The big boy is my son-in-lawBenjamin, grandson Nicholas, oldest daughters Nichole (25) Caroline (7) Karsen (20mos) McKinley (3 0n the floor) and granddaughter Julia. My wife Deoe was at work. The picture of her was our Honeymoon, last year in Vegas after 9 years and three kids.

As of 8/25/02
I now have 4 daughters! My wife Deonne just gave birth to Karsen Kailani Culala on Aug 6th. So now there is Nichole Leilani (23), Caroline Dante Allysa Lokelani (6), McKinley Shea Noilani (2), and Karsen Kailani - 16 Days. Miss you all.

Linda (Culp) Chaney

(Updated 07/14/2009)
I retired last year (2008) and am enjoying life!!
I have a small bookkeeping business just to keep the insurance coverage, (not quite ready for Medicare!) but most of my time is spent with granddaughters at softball games and other activities, and taking care of my 15-month old grandson three days a week. Started taking extra vitamins, cause we got news that another wee one is on the way and due in January 2010!!
I live on Sunset Drive, across from the PGHS baseball field. Have been here for 35 years, and love the activities and positive energy generated by the students/athletes/band.
Next time you're in town, drive by and see the classy new football stadium!

I have been married to Guy for 33 years, we have two children (girl and a boy)and two beautiful granddaughters ages three years old and ten months old. I am currently the Administrator of Monterey Culinary Insurance and Pension Funds, located in Pacific Grove. I haven't moved far, but I love PG! Looking forward to seeing everyone at the reunion! The committee meetings are lots of fun, so please join in!

Peter Currer


Retired July 2010 after 33 years in public education. We have relocated to Frederick, Maryland to be near Beverly's family. Sarah Currer is currently in Boston and Beverly is now teaching ELL students at Hillcrest school.


I am currently the special education director of Modoc County. My wife, Beverly teaches K-3rd grades in a 2 room school near by. Sarah is in the 8th grade and is enjoying the smallness of Alturas.

Linda (Davidson) Shoney


Living back here (Prunedale) since three years ago.We are enjoying retirement and playing lots of golf.Our daughter, Stephanie, lives in PG.


We have relocated back to the Monterey Peninsula. We have been here two years now and are both retired.I was a language arts teacher for 31 years, and Bill retired as a city manager after working for Halliburton Oil Co., the Dept. of Commerce of OK, then Weatherford, OK as Econ. Dev. Dir./City Manager. We play lots of golf andtravel. Mostly, we just love where we live and this wonderful weather!

Our daughter, Stephanie, lives in PG, works for Monterey Co. as Management Analyst, and is working on a Masters in Healthcare Administration.


Bill is the Economic Development Director for the city of Weatherford. I am a high school English teacher. Our daughter, Stephanie, lives in Monterey. She graduated from the University of Oklahoma May, 2003, moved to PG, lived with my parents 8 months, and now lives in her own apartment in Monterey. She was a medical sales rep., is a partner in Navarro Landscape at present, and as of today is running in a Team in Training marathon in Anchorage, Alaska. Needless to say, she is very special. Bill and I will be on the peninsula in three years!

(02/09/04)We will be moving to Weatherford, OK, an hour and 45 mins. north (one hour west of OK City) after my school year- - May, 22. Bill is the new Economic Development Director there. I hope to continue teaching high school English in Weatherford. Our daughter, Stephanie, lives in PG and is a medical sales rep. She graduated from the Univ. of OK May, 2003. My parents live in PG. Bill's family lives in Walnut Creek, Orinda, and Sacramento area.

My husband and I both look forward to retirement in a few years, and moving back to California is a top priority.


I am in my 30th year of teaching high school English. My husband Bill works for the state of Oklahoma as a regional director for the department of commerce. We both enjoy being out by our pool, playing golf and going to OU football games.

We have one daughter,Stephanie, who will graduate in May 2003 from the University of Oklahoma with a degree in journalism and an emphasis in public relations. She was very active at OU and in her sorority, Pi Beta Phi, and hopes to start a career in either pharmaceutical sales or corporate communications.

Linda (DeLeon) Campbell


When posted overseas, I worked for the CIA. Once John retired from the agency, I became a Class A Contractor and restored historic homes--usually built around 1850.

.I am a published author. I write action adventure/urban fantasy/paranormal as LJ DeLeon. Yes, the LJ stands for Linda Jo, and yes, I write under my maiden name.I also write the mystery series Jordan Davis Mysteries, which are set here in Lynchburg, VA, as Alyssa Lyons.


My husband and I have been married since April 1999. We have two children. Our son was born in 1971, is married and has three daughters. Our daughter was born in 1977, is single and a chef.

I co-write romantic, screwball comedy with my best friend as Terry Campbell. To date, we've published three novels: "Intimate Investor", "Mr. Wrong", and "Fat Chance". All three have been published as electronic books and will come out in trade paperback this Fall. "Mr. Wrong" & "Fat Chance" are also avaible in hardback.

Webmaster: "I'm just curious-how do two people write a book. "

Linda: Bobbye and I are both the idea people. One of us gets an idea, runs it by the other, if she likes it we do a quick sketch of the plot idea and basic characters. They we put it aside because we've got two or three projects ahead of it.

When we start a project, we get together and do the following: 1. Complete character bios for all the main and secondary characters. 2. Plot the following items: a. The beginning. b. The inciting incident--7% into the story. It's a major reversal, you've thought the story was going one way and now it's turned upside down and heading another direction. c. First Plot Point--25% into the story, major reversal. End of Act 1 beginning of Act 2. d. Mid Point--50% into the story, another major reversal e. Second Plot Point--75% into the story. Darkest moment, all is lost. End of Act 2 beginning of Act 3. f. The end.

Now we're ready to start on the story. Bobbye hates to plot, I love it. So, I continue to plot, connecting what happens and how to get from one point to another. Whereas I'm a slower writer, Bobbye's fast. She's also a stream of consciousness writer. So, she writes first draft. She sends me every chapter, sometimes every scene, as she writes it. Then I rewrite it. In a book/manuscript 419 pages long, Bobbye writes around 195-210. I rewrite everything she's sent plus add a lot. We like to say she provides the skeleton, and I do everything else.

When finished rewriting a chapter, I send it via email attachment to Bobbye. She uses Word's edit/tracking mode and goes through it making suggestions. Some I include, others I trash. I'm the one who has final say over the product.

Truth is, where Bobbye and I are concerned the whole is greater than the sum of its part. Oh, I also write screenplays. Haven't sold any but have had one final in America's Best Screenplay Contest. If you go to our website, you'll see a photo of the two of us. I'm the brunette. Oh, and the e-book site is no longer valid. My publisher was bought by LTDBooks and all three titles should be available this weekend."

Guy Donaldson


Retired from the US Army after 20 years as a Special Agent CID. Worked for GEICO Insurance Co as a Senior Fraud Investigator for awhile and got bored. Still play golf and interested in cars.

Greg Dorman


Currently I am living in Medford Oregon, having moved here at the beginning of 2004. I got divorced from my former wife Marsha in 2001 after a 25 year marriage. We had two children together, a son and daughter who are now 28 and 26 respectively and doing well. I retired from the California Dept. of Corrections in 2000 after a 14 year career as a Correctional Officer and Correctional Counselor. Currently I am working part time for Jackson county mental health services. For fun and recreation I enjoy dancing (ballroom) and working out as in running and swimming. I am hoping to be at the 40th reunion to see old friends.

Paul Edwards


My life in 25 words or less! Been there and done that pretty much sums it up. Got a degree in English from U. of Colorado, in Boulder in 72. Worked as a cabinet maker for a while, got married, got divorced. Then worked in merchant marines for NOAA on board a research vessel. Went to grad school for a degree in Environmental Sciences ( read biology and geology).

Got married. Had 3 sons, Adam and twins, Joseph and Ian. Worked for TCI cable as a microwave communications engineer for the next 24 years, living in Denver, Colorado Springs, Port Angeles, WA, and finally in Seattle. Traveled all over the place. Then back to Denver where the company was sold, not once but twice in 3 years. Got Divorced after 22 years. Went into semi-retirement, and bought a sail boat in Florida.

Recently came out of retirement to do programming for Bell South in Atlanta. They made me an offer I could not refuse. They promised to feed me!

James Erickson


I retired from Monterey Carpenter's Union 605 in 2001 and we moved out of the area! We moved away from the noise, traffic and tourists to quiet Corvallis, Montana. We are located in the middle of the Bitterroot Valley and enjoy hunting, fishing, and the beautiful Montana scenery.

We go back to California at least once a year to visit family and friends. We have two daughters and four grandchildren still in California and we can hardly wait until the grandchildren are old enough to come visit and go fishing with Grampa!

Tiara (Everman) Murray


I just noticed that my name sadly appeared on the missing list. I am happy and well, living in Gig Harbor, Wa and have been here since 1983.

In 2010 I retired from Wells Fargo after being with them for 21 years.

The best part of my life is my wonderful daughter Kirsten, her great husband Shawn and the cutest grandchildren Ava Grace 7 and Lukas Shawn age 5. Fortunately I am able to spend quite a bit of time with them in Rocklin, Ca.

My sister Mona Everman Sarrensen also lives in Gig Harbor.

Sure would enjoy updates.

Lynn (Evers)-Helmich

Married for 20 years to Kurt Hellmich, have 2 wonderful children, one graduating from High school this spring, and one graduating from 8th grade.

After graduating from UCSB, got my teaching credential. (I lasted for 3 months.) Lived in Italy, then on to do social work, then executive director of the YWCA, worked with my husband and am now doing real estate. (Any one interested in buying in beautiful Humboldt County.)

I will be attending the 35th (my first) and hope to see everyone!

Chris Faulks


I got married about 3 years ago so I will be bringing my husband to the reunion, Steven Schulman.

I have not changed my name yet. I'm still Chris Murry but will probably start the process some time next year. There is so much to do - I think he should change his but somehow, he does not agree!

Wesley Fenical


I am married to my wife Kerry Fenical and we have two beautiful daughters. 16 year old Daniee and 13 year old Erin. I also have two older daughters, Jessie and Raquel, both living away from home with kids of their own.

I own my own cabinet making business, Samish Valley Woodworks.

Previously, I have lived in Hawaii and New Zealand and now reside in Washington State. I served in the US Navy for 25 years and decided to get out when my second daughter was born, Erin. I was ranked as Master Chief.

Terry GarnerTerry (Garner) Stafford

Jack and I married the year I graduated in '66. We have now been married for 37 years. (wow, those big numbers are really coming at us!) Jack is a professional musician, well respected for his jazz and for his skills playing in orchestras for touring shows. He teaches university and college classes and leads a jazz band for a local college, and he plays with the Vancouver Symphony as the featured player for most of their Pops concerts. I have written and illustrated several children's books, and illustrated some that I did not write. I have been a La Leche League Leader for 30 years, and am now on the La Leche League Canada Board of Directors. My paying job (as opposed to volunteer!) is as the Director of Religious Education (DRE) for Beacon Unitarian Church. I love it, and enjoy making the children's program a vibrant one, that offers families a community that helps them raise ethical children who have the courage to ask questions and think "outside the box.!"

Jack and I have three daughters --and thanks to our oldest daughter and her husband, we became the delighted grandparents of "Theo" four months ago. We are all enjoying him enormously. Besides being a new mommy, our oldest works on films in the art department. Our middle daughter is doing graduate studies, majoring in Women's Studies. Our youngest (who was an infant when I came to the 20th reunion) is now 17, and is the last one of our three still at home. She is very musically gifted and appreciates her father's jazz. I do NOT look forward to an empty nest --as our big old house has always been a busy hub of activity. Still, I imagine this will continue through Theo!

Jonathan Gill


This started as an email from Kay Walters to Tom MacDonald

Here's a fun story for the 1966 gang:

This past June I attended an evening get-together of my local chapter of Washington Women Lawyers at a fun little martini bar in downtown Vancouver (just over the river from Portland, Oregon). I was seated across from another attorney I know slightly -- we have other lawyer buddies in common. We were catching up on this and that when a pleasant man came over and stood beside her. She introduced him as Jon, her boss. I joked that he could be our token male for the evening. He was quite gracious and enjoyable. We started chatting, and there was back and forth with a number of the women at the table. A condensed summary goes something like this:

Me, to another woman: I grew up in Monterey.

Jon: Hey, I grew up in Monterey!

Me: Well, actually it was Pacific Grove.

Jon: Me, too! Pacific Grove! (we shake hands across the table)

Me: I graduated from Pacific Grove Hi.

Jon: I graduated from Robert Lewis Stevenson, but went to PG High through my sophomore year. ( I get up and go around the table and hug him, ask if he knows certain staff people at RSL. He doesn't. He does remember one classmate whose father was a well-known TV star at the time. I realize we are contemporaries.)

Me: I graduated in 1966.

Jon: Me, too.

Me: I went to David Avenue School.

Jon: So did I -- you know that dip in the bench outside the principal's office? I made that, I had to sit there so often.

Me: Hazel Allemand (the principal).

Jon: Yes.

And on and on from there. Kay Walter meets up with Jonathan Gill in downtown Vancouver, WA. Who knew? Sure did make my evening.

Then this email between Jon and Tom Macdonald

I went to Stevenson as a Freshman but know most of the faces on your emails from having gone through PG schools up to my freshman year. I appreciate being on your distribution list. You are doing a great job. Kate sent me some elementary school photos. She may be able to get you more for your archives.

It was fun "catching up" with Kate - What a small world it is.

Pat Godfrey

Still teaching at PG middle school (about 3 more years) and enjoying the kids every day. Tell all I will try to make it the 50th and bring my (lets see, she'll be 9 year old daughter with me!!)

Rebecca (Goff) Mazzan


[Editors note - I asked Becky why she goes by 'Sunny' now. This is her reply and then she goes on with a little more about herself]

The Sunny thing started when I went into the military in '74 and a few months into it, a bunch of half snockered friends went off on the "Rebecca of Sunnybrook Farm" thing and the next day the "Sunny" part stuck. So that's been it ever since.

As noted, I was in the Air Force with 20 years of classified work. It's funny, I had to lie to my family about what I was doing and I would often forget what lie I had told them last, so they thought I was some kind of flake that couldn't hold a position. I only found out about that last year.

I'm working on an invention and I have the initial (provisional) patent on my luggage thing and have applied for the final patent. But my bigger concern is that someone will figure out how to solve the manufacturing problem faster than me and get a modified version out there sooner. Then the market edge is lost. I recently came up with a second idea and thought I might try to do both and release a full line of luggage products all at once. Anyway, we'll see how that goes.

Oh, by the way, remember when we had visiting Foreign Exchange students stay with various families for a couple of days while passing through at the end of their school year ('62-'63)? We had a young man from Linz, Austria stay at our house. He had been a FE student in San Jose for the year. Well, I googled him, found him in Austria, we've emailed and got an update on his life since high school. It was fun seeing a picture of him 45 years later.

In the email I received from Marbod Peuringer, the FE student, I think there was a picture attached. It kinda cracked me up when I saw the picture because I remember him as tall and slender and in the picture he is now more like Santa, beard and all. Looks like the jolly Austrian, just needing a stein in his hand to complete the picture.

If you're ever out my way and want to see the Texas Hill Country/Highland Lakes area, especially in the Spring when we have the Bluebonnet Festivals, give me a holler. I have guest rooms or RVs you can stay in and I'll show you around. Until next time...


I retired from the Air Force as an Avionics Systems Engineer and then worked for government contractors in DC until I retired in '98. Went back to school to get a Masters in Sustainable Development and Conservation Biology.

While that was fun, I decided retirement was better. Now I'm trying to start a business - just got a patent for a product I hope to manufacture and emarket. Mostly I do volunteer work around the community - delivering Meals on Wheels and tutoring GED students.

Been widowed twice so don't think I'll be doing that again!! My daughter lives in Oregon with two kids. My step kids are all over the country and have contributed 9 more grand kids.

Ron Gorrell


We have a permanent berth in St Petersburg, Fl--great spot at the Vinoy Resort. All our mail passes through a UPS Store address as they have the most reliable means for forwarding our mail. Most our travels from Florida are Spanish speaking--Cuba, Mexico, Cent/South America.

We aren't on line often so emails take us as long as the snail mail. We just finished a major remodel here of a large Spanish house w/ 3 bungalows and put it up for rent. Peggy and I have lived on board for most of the past 10 years and just love it. All is well with us. Glad to get in touch. Our 727-550-0299 number stays on voice mail, so we check it often.

I'll cruise the info on-line with us 66ers to catch up with the gossip.

Wally Gottschalk


I joined the Marine Corp shortly after high school and went to Viet Nam. I came home, to the states and served as a drill instructor for a couple years. I got out and moved to Reno, Nevada. I have been a mail man for the last 28 years. I plan to move to the Oregon coast soon. I am looking forward to our 35th class reunion. Has that hit home yet?---35th.


After six years and three purple hearts with the U.S. Marine Corps and thirty years with the U.S. Postal Service, I have decided to retire from government service on August 1, 2003, and enter into a brand new career:I have taken real estate classes and I am now licensed.

I will be working with Magi Bird, owner/broker of Remcor Real Estate Company and, under her supervision and training, I will become an active real estate agent. From all my research, I have learned Remcor has a premier training program and is a fine, reputable company. I'm looking forward to working with them

Patsy (Graber) Thomas ARNP, VIP


I'm a Nurse Practitioner Hospitalist. One thing I have learned in internal medicine is that 62 yrs old is very young. I have 3 Irish Setters that are principally my babies but are also show dogs.


I am a family nurse practitioner. I live in Redmond Washington near Seattle. I'm now working at Harborview Medical Center in trauma. It is just like TV!

I've been married and divorced twice.

I just spent four days in Carmel with my sister Barbie. It was extraordinary being back. I showed my Irish Setter at the Del Monte Kennel Club Dog Show.

Gwen (Griffith) Crivello


I retired early last July 1. YEA! I checked into my retirement fund at CHOMP and found with it and social security, I could earn just as much staying home as working at a place which was becoming less stable. That was a no brainer. Plus with a new grand daughter, Gianna who is now 9 months, I am a full time grandmother to my six.


I now have a total of 6 grandchildren. The latest additions are Avery Hope, who will be 2 this December, Jim and Nora's child. Gianna Roselie, was born in July, Joe and Angie's little girl. I retired this past June.


Married to Ray for 42 years now; 43 this December. The grandsons are Nikko, Age 10, Vincent, Age 8, Marco is 20 months, Michael is 2 and I have a grand-daughter, Avery Hope who is 6 1/2 months. She is my Princess! I am still with Salinas Valley Urology as a Surgery Scheduler; working 4 1/2 days. The older grandsons are big into sports: soccer, flag football, basketball and baseball. We go to every game. Ray retired a year ago. He is now an Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach for Palma High School and coaches the Central Coast Seals (High School age baseball) for the Summer and the Fall. I am sooo looking forward to retiring which will come to be just as my "boys" hit high school.


Married to Ray Crivello for the past 41 years. We have three sons, Daniel, Joseph and James. All three graduated from Palma High School. Dan is not married and works in the building maintenance/landscape business. Joe and Jim are Monterey County Sheriffs. Joe is married to Angie, a Notre Dame graduate and they have three sons, Nikko who is 10 years old, Vincent who is 7 years old and Marco who is 5 months old. Jim and Nora, another Notre Dame graduate, have one son, Michael who is 9 months old.

I now work for Salinas Valley Urology. Looking forward to retiring within the next 4 years to enjoy my grandsons even more than I do now.

(Original post - 2004)

I've been married to Ray for 37 years. We have 3 sons, Daniel, Joseph and James. Joseph is married to Angie and they have two sons, Nikko and Vincent. James is getting married July 3, to Nora Schuenueman, who's mother teaches at PGHS.

I currently work for Salinas Valley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in the Medical Records Department. I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

Jim Gruver, now Jim Arjuna

(updated 11/08/10)

The economy nearly destroyed our business this last few years. We had some tough times and nearly lost everything. With the Grace of God, we got an invite to come to the Netherlands and start a hot tub factory there. From total loss to total hope and enthusiasm. It is a difficult job, but I have never been afraid of hard work.

We also are playing more music with our band "HavenHead" and we have several good original tunes up on soundclick.com.

(updated 8/21/07)

Well this is an update from the 2001 information. All of my life I have wanted to pursue a music career. Well, at 59, I am doing it part time now. (See his website at Haven Head (Music))

We still have the hot tub business (Website at The Spa Specialist, Inc.), but it is slowing down so we are able to practice our music. Sandy has a fantastic voice and we are working on a bunch of new songs.


How can you cover 35 years in a short paragraph. I moved to San Jose area right after graduation. Went to night school while I worked in aerospace, Lockheed in Sunnyvale. Since I worked in a defense plant and was married with kids, I never had to go to war. I worked mainly in the research and development of the "Deep Quest" and "DSRV" Navy rescue submarine.

Worked in technical fields for some time. Moved to Colorado in 78 back to California in 80 then back to Colorado in 83. I've been here since then. I always think of the Monterey Bay area as home.

My wife Sandy and I have a spa (hot tubs) business that has evolved to mostly Internet sales. We have sold spas in most every state of the country and a couple in the UK. I have three children (Jim Jr, Linda and Matt) and one is still at home, my 14 year old son Matt. My mom, 90 years old, lives in Hayward, CA with my brother John.

Our favorite thing to do is deliver spas across the country. We just (Nov 2001) got back from delivering two out west, and had the opportunity to stop by Pacific Grove and took a long walk along Asilomar, one of my favorite places from my youth.

Clinton Gruwell


I'm working partime for Salient company (salient.com) and will fully retire at the end of June. I've so much to do with my twin grandchildren, Son Mikes chutingstar business and most importantly of our local UMC church.

The pastors and members took us in with open arms and we've never looked back. Anyone reading this must get busy learning Gods message and become a deciple of our Lord Jesus Christ.

Just finished my 3rd cycle of chemo for my CLL. Hopefully that's enough to to have cleaned out my bone marrow of the disease. Given that I should start stem cell transplant in June/July. This will be my second attempt for the "CURE".


Unfortunately, I've had to change plans and will not be attending the reunion. My cancer has reared its ugly head again and I'll be in Houston Texas at MD Anderson that week for testing and a second opinion. Please give my regards to everyone and keep me in your prayers. I'll keep you informed of my progress.


First of all Susan and I will not be able to make it to the reunion. I'm scheduled to be out of the country the week of August 24th. We are going to Pacific Grove during the week of October 15th to visit family, friends and some golf.

Susan and I celebrated our 30th year wedding anniversary last year 12/19/2000 with our two children Jennifer 27 and Michael 31 and his lovely wife Stephanie - ageless. We all live in the Atlanta, GA area for the past 10 years.

I retired from a great 31 year career with The Coca-Cola Company that took us across the USA four times - San Francisco, CA., Atlanta, GA., Redmond, WA., back to Atlanta and many trips to Vienna, Austria.

Currently I work for the Salient Corporation a high speed database development company that has systems to analyze large volumes of detailed transactions at the "speed of thought" - yes I'm a salesperson. My main customer is the Coca-Cola System - go figure...

As I said above we live in Atlanta, GA, well really, in Powder Springs, GA which about 36 miles west of Atlanta proper. Susan is the resident "ranch hand and artist" as we have four acres in gardens, pine trees and grass - lots of work and enjoyable. We just finished remodeling the screened porch and Susan painted the floor a-la MacKenzie Child

Michael, son, is in the Skydiving Business and his wife works for BofA.
Jennifer, daughter, is a science teacher at Eaton Learning Lab. See The Classroom link to Mrs. Gruwell (really Ms.).
Both kid are avid skydivers and belong to a skydiving team Mr. Pink Skydiving Team. Am I a proud Husband and Papa - you bet!!

Jan (Gutekunst) Ellis


I'm still married to the most wonderful guy in the world. We have one daughter, Kymberlee, 32. Married to Jeffrey Mills and after 8 years of marriage, they finally gave us the best gift in the world. We are the proud grandparents of twin girls who will be 4 years old on September 15, 2001. Thank goodness they take after their father when it comes to height. Fallon, the oldest by 20 seconds should be about 5 foot 10 inches and her younger sister, Paige should be about 6 foot tall. As fraternal twins, they are both beautiful, just like their mother. Yes, we are extremely proud as you can tell.

Leonard and I are both still working in our own business but retirement is only a couple of years away.

We look forward to seeing everyone at the big 35 reunion.

Eric Hagstrom


I found out only too late about the 45th reunion. I would have loved to attend it. If I'm around in 5 years though (or even next year), count me in.

Since tripping across the Class of 66 website, I've been wanting to make contact with as many of my friends from PG as possible. I attended Lighthouse, but had friends at Down and David Ave. I'm not real sure who, if anyone, really remembers me. We moved to the bay area (sublime to the ridiculous) when I was only 10, but my heart never left PG.

Backdoor neighbors/friends were Karen Morness and Judy Mac Murray; next door was Patsy Bedell. Other friends included Susan Spiking, Carolyn Kelleher, Susie Stutzman, Shiela Foulkes, Jan Gutekunst, Katie Sutliff, Jimmie Wickey, Jimmy Nix, Ronnie Scholefield, Jon and Brian Gill and Tim O'Neil,to name a few.

For those from Robert Down, my mother, Edith, taught 5th grade when I was in 5th. She's 92 now, just got 100% on her DMV exam, still drives up to the mountains to visit family and only last year is beginning to "cool her heels" a bit.

I moved from PG prior to high school, attending a school with 6,000+ students. There was little cohesion among my graduating class, no web page and I was never contacted regarding a reunion. PG was my home and you guys were my life. I came across the attached, Lighthouse School 2nd Grade Teacher Miss Worrell. I cannot remember most of the names, so the ones unknown are marked ?. (Please correct the spelling, where you know it is incorrect.

I wish I could recall the name of my teacher for both kindergarten and 4th grade. Her husband was a Southern Pacific railroad engineer and his engine was donated to the Dennis the Menace Park on Lake El Estero - during my last visit to the area, it was still there.

I was very grateful to find your website. You have gone to much work to develop and maintain it and you can't imagine the fun it is to go there and reminisce - I know I'm not alone. I want to make contact with those who remember me

Most important in my life were my kids. Three of the most wonderful kids a dad could ever ask for - two daughters, still in school - one, Valerie (a med tech student) in Boise, ID, the other Kristen, (finishing up - a childhood development student) and her husband Eric, teaching high school math in Stockton, CA. My eldest, a son and still my best buddy (Peter) graduated from West Point and served 2 tours in Iraq. His very precious wife Rachel recently gave us our *1st grandchild, Ella. Rachel is in grad school at Drexel and Peter is candidating for grad school at Dartmouth. They all grew up way too fast, but we sure had a lot of fun along the way. (*I know many of you have several grandchildren by now, but I was 32 before I got married.)

I graduated from Oakland Tech, but our "alumni association" has been a clique, so I never heard of any reunions.

I've been living in Placer County, CA for the past 18 years. My career has been kind of a mishmash of construction related work covering several industries and USA locations, including Hawaii (that was tough, but I survived). I also had a fun time starting up a national distributor for irrigation equipment, in Saudi and recently attempted the same in Iraq (before their political situation turned once again in the wrong direction).

Right now I'm "climbing the walls", looking for another contract, wherever - it seems more difficult to elicit interest as we get older - can anyone relate to that one? Other construction work included nuclear, petroleum, underground infrastructure, wireless and custom residential. But also, at the tender age of 23 I bought a big rig and spent a couple of years driving. If there was anything I could actually claim to specialize in, it was agricultural irrigation (my major was agriculture) - I started and operated a design and build irrigation outfit including a retail store (which led to my stint in Saudi).

I would love to hear from anyone at hagstrom@surewest.net. (I prefer to do social networking via e-mail, so I apologize - I'm not on the commercial sites such as facebook.) Thanks again Tom and to all who contributed to keeping fond memories alive.

Mary Anne (Hannum) Wood


While I didn't have the 12 kids I wanted when I was in high school, I do have four children, all married or at least spoken for, nine grandchildren, and 3 step grandchildren. So with my kids, their spouses, and their kids, I have a huge family. At picnics, we can form our own teams and play against ourselves.

I moved away from Pacific Grove years ago although I do visit often. (I've only run into three classmates over the years.) I now live in the Pleasanton area and am a data analyst and training specialist in the Human Resources Development department of a large corporation.

I like to go camping and have taken a couple of driving trips around the states. I had the best times and hope to do more of it again.

(As of 03/07/05)

I had a daughter get married, spent some time in the hospital and then recuperating, and now another daughter, who didn't have a "real" wedding when she got married, is renewing her vows in April, but it is more like a wedding. Plus I'm taking some classes. - so I've been extremely busy.

Reed Hanson


After leaving high school and attending a year of school at BYU I served a mission for my church to Brazil for two years. It was a wonderful experience and formed a foundation of faith for me that has lasted my whole life.

I found a wonderful woman to marry who shared those same deep beliefs and commitments and we have been together since 1970. We have been blessed with eight wonderful children, four boys and four girls ranging from ages 16 to 28. We currently have five grandchildren and one in the hopper, so to speak. We have had five of our children serve missions for our church which took them to eastern Germany, Uruguay, Mexico, London and Poland. We have a wonderful time with our family and our place is like one continual event center. It will be very hard for us to adjust to being alone again after so many years of so much going on. But then the neat thing about being grandparents is that you get to go see all the new arrivals and with the three we have married now and the two that are getting married this year we should be quite busy after all for a long time to come.

For those who might be interested, I kind of am a jack of all trades and master of none. I do property management and along with that have my maintenance and repair business. I get to fix about everything there is to fix and most of the time it all turns out looking good! My wife went back to school when most of our kids were older and finished her degree and got a masters in special education and teaches the resource center at a local grade school here.

We might not be exotic world travelers but we are very blessed with having what we need and most importantly a wonderful family and to us that is what life is really about. We have four of our kids graduated from college and one with a law degree and the three others working on getting their college degrees.

I think that does it from this end. If you are interested in any more wonderful facts about me then just drop me a note and I will answer your questions.

Cynthia (Hayes) Harnisch

After almost 30 years in the museum field, 6 years ago I moved to being executive director of a fabulous children's visual and performing arts school in the Skid Row area of Los Angeles. I have a beautiful 20 year old son who is a passionate artist. In the past few years I've gotten into long distance running and of course, I still paint.

Paul Heitz

I Moved to Nevada last year after living in Pacific Grove all my life. We gave the business we had in P.G. (Paul's Drapery) to our daughter to run after 30 years in business in PG. We are now making draperies here in Paradise Hill, Nevada and it seems that we are doing the same work. We also have an art studio that my wife works hard at when she is not making draperies. I help her and work on my old car, a 1935 Dodge Brothers coupe that I picked up.

It was good to get away. We lived in the same house for over 27 years. We had good times and bad in Pacific Grove.

We had two children in Pacific Grove. A girl, Sherry, that is now in the business, and a boy, Cory, that was killed in a car accident at the age of 21 in 1996.

We still come to PG for things. My wife helps out every year at Grad Night but I think that this year was her last.

We love to go out and find old ghost towns and do some gold finding. There is a lot to see and do.

We'd love to see old friends, so stop by.

Sandi (Jeffries) Johnson

I've have been married for 37 years to Dan Johnson (Class of '63). We have one son, Todd, who is a detective for the City of Long Beach, CA. We have 3 beautiful grandchildren, Blake, Hailey & Drew.

I have retired from the Fresno Housing Authorities as an Accounting Supervisor after 35 years in 2004, and now living the life....We enjoy our cabin in the Sierra's east of Fresno and our trailer in Morro Bay. We have lived in Fresno for 37 years and are Fresno State Bulldog fans.

Darlene Johnson


I have worked for a casino {Harrah's} in Reno, Nevada as a dealer for many years. I am married, no children. I enjoy reading, cooking, gardening and spending time with my husband.


Not much to tell. I lived in Santa Barbara, CA right out of high school, then Ashland OR, Wennatchee WA, and Corvallis, OR, before settling in Reno,NV in 1973. I have lived here ever since, working for a company called Harrah's. I am still working. My husband is retired.

Pamela (Johnson) Hallenbach


I left California in 1996 and have been living in Jackson TN. I am thankful that I have been able to raise my three grandchildren and now have one in college at UT Martin. My grandson's are 16 and 13 yrs. and this is going by too fast for me. My husband is from here, so no, TN. wasn't my choice but it is a great place to raise kids and horses and wolves. That has been my life since moving here. My husband has a backhoe/construction business and it is doing quite well. I am now doing the book work and have no time left for volunteer work. Hope to see some people I knew on this site way back when.

David Jones

After graduating from high school I worked for the forestry service and was in the Navy for 4 years.

I am presently a cannery supervisor at Ogden Utah Cannery.

I've been married 30 years and have one daughter and three sons. I have two grandchildren whom I love dearly.

Terry (Leach) Connelly


I work in education and I have four lovely grandchildren.

David LeGare


I wish my cardiologist had let me go to the reunion...unfortunately I am restricted to 1hr travel...which also mean no golf....which means I am really pissed off...I hope everyone had a great time

My mom still lives on spazier avenue at 85 years of age so if I could go I would have.

Been married 30yrs in Feb. Have 2 kids...and soon to be 5 grandkids


Well I think it's time to find a new cardiologist......won't let me play golf yet.....guy just doesn't get it...:) Oh well, guess the 20 somethings are going to get a head start on me this year.


Retired, ex golf pro, ex navy, but mostly did quality engineering and management

Wow, almost 45 years. Just a short update - my son just got engaged....so grandchildren are probably in the future.

I am still retired, playing golf but it's a bit aggravating now that breaking 80 is more important than shooting 70......age I guess...cant get the ball out of my shadow hardly.

Dawn my 26 yr old daughter is managing a retail store here in Portland....we aren't that far from our 50th reunion .....Wow!

Anyway hope everyone is in good health and hope we can celebrate our 50th together...last reunion I went too was great. Be well folks. Hope this missive finds you all in good health and happy.Dave


Currently employed as a Quality Engineer for Jomed Inc a medical device manufacturer. Been in quality engineering since 1981 for a wide variety of companies and products.

Married for 19 years have 2 children Dawn age 16 and Michael age 13.

Spent 2 tours in our favorite war *Vietnam*. 11 years Navy.

Loretta Lewis

(as of 9/4/06)

Left PG in 8th grade

Married 34 yr. widowed 2 yrs mother of 4 grandmother of 4 Live in Castro Valley with my daughter and her family. Work for Marshalls as asst manager.

Would like to see some of the people I grew up with before my family moved away in 1962. Would love to hear from any one who might remember me and yes my picture is there from Jr High. Hope to hear from some one soon. mslrh2002@yahoo.com

Gary Livingston


Greetings - Since graduation I have served 11 years in the Marine Corps, got married had two kids, went into engineering, got married and gained a step son. Due to the pressures of engineering I went back to Denver (from Orange County CA.) and became a cop, got marriedfor the last time, had two kids, five grandkids and a heart attack.

I am now a School Resource Officer in a Middle School of 1450 students, an elementary and a private school. I also teach D.A.R.E. at all three.

Joyce Locke - now Corina Cully


Last year in May I became a grandmother for the first time. My daughter and her husband are both science teachers and I have become their baby sitter. I love my job and my grandson immensely, and at my age it takes a lot of energy to do it all. I am hoping to have a school break around that time and be regenerated and have enough of myself to share with old classmates.


This year (2010) on May 17th I became a grandmother for the first time. His name is Reed (he looks like the Pillsbury Dough Boy!) and he is the love of my life. We hang out together 3 days a week while mom and dad teach.

I have been working for Dr. Ed Jarvis, the local chiropractor/healer for over 20 years. I have been blessed with lots of love in my life.

Tom MacDonald

(As of 8/19/12)

MetLife shut down the Reverse Mortgage division as of June 30, 2012. Out of work again.

But not for long. Fortunately there is no age discrimination in this business. Had a number of offers. Decided to go with a local mortgage broker who also has a focus on Reverse Mortgages. I enjoy working with this group of people (age 62+) and helping them come up with a plan for their financial future.

Working with a broker also allows me to do regular mortgages. I've always come across people who needed or wanted a regular mortgage instead of a reverse mortgage. They wanted me to help them but I couldn't. Now I can and make an extra dime or two.

(As of 11/13/11)

Got a call from a former Wells Fargo Reverse Mortgage manager who had recently moved to MetLife Reverse Mortgage as an Area Manager. He was looking for a Sales Manager in my area. For all the reasons below (taking WF manager position) plus the fact that it was a nationally well known company ("I didn't get no respect" or phone calls from the public at the small unknown company) I felt it was an offer I couldn't refuse. Been there about a year now. I'm responsible for hiring employees for the 5 northern bay area counties (Marin, Sonoma, Napa, Solano and Contra Costa) as well as originating my own loans (which I can do nationwide). Very good set up.

Betsy (my wife) finally finished art school at the Atelier (see below). It was nearly 5 years of 1.5 hour commutes each way five or six days a week to Oakland. Whew! Glad that is over. We've updated her website recently with some of her new art. One of these days we'll come up with a sales plan.

(As of 2/26/09)

About a year and a half ago, Wells Fargo offered me a manager position. It would still allow me to do Reverse Mortgage sales for commission plus added a salary and an override on my employees production. Seemed like a good idea at the time. On 9/11/08, they eliminated that and another manager position they had recently created and laid me off. Since WF had already replaced me with two people in my old territory and I'd just hired two in my new territory, there really wasn't any place for me to go even though local management wanted to keep me.

So, this was a new opportunity to determine what I want to be when I grow up. I took the shotgun approach. I created a sole proprietorship called MacDonald Consulting. Have done some business consulting, management consulting and computer consulting. There were also some new things happening in the Reverse Mortgage field. It seem to make sense to keep dong reverse mortgages. So I joined a small company and also originate reverse mortgages. I just uploaded a revised website called Reverse Mortgage Consultant.com. It has a lot of practical information about reverse mortgages. It also has some ads along the side. Feel free to click on them. It gets me a dime or two.

I've been winding down the travel business. They were doing quite well but started to go downhill after 9/11/2001. As of this tax year, I've closed down the three partnerships and S Corp. Saves me time on taxes and the software for that type of business. But still have the websites up. They still generate some income at no cost. Run the income through the new MacDonald Consulting.

Long term, I'd like to rely on income from websites rather than work one hour for one hour's pay. If I do just work for a salary, I don't see retirement in my future. Truth is, I will never have my dad's retirement. Golf six days a week. Sit and watch TV the rest of the time. Nope. That is not on my to do list.

Betsy has decided she wants to be an artist when she grows up. She is currently going to art school at The Atelier. It is a 3 hour round trip 6 days a week. You could say she is committed. A national art magazine (The American Artist Workshop) just did an article on the school. One of her current projects is mentioned and shown in the article. She is named as Betsy Tamblyn - her maiden name. We use that on her website to be a little more unique.

(As of 8/26/06)

Moved to Napa, CA in February, 2001 with Betsy Satterfield.   We have been together about 10 years.   Wanted to move to Napa to find some warmer weather than the Monterey Peninsula offered.

Left one type of position (Premier Banking Manager) with Wells Fargo in Aptos, CA for a very different position (Reverse Mortgage Consultant - for those over age 62) with Wells Fargo.  Have been with Wells Fargo about 17 years.

Betsy has a 2001 Miata.   We belong to a Miata club named the Bay Area Miata Association (BAMA).   We take a number of day rides with this group as well as longer trips.   We did a two week trip from the Bay Area to Vancouver, BC and back in 2000.   We were on freeways for a total of about 20 minutes using the backroads as much as possible.   The next year, we took a four day trip to Death Valley.  Again, staying on the backroads.  In both cases, there were about 35 Miata's (Miatae?) and 60+ people.  

The move and job change were specifically designed as a life style change.   With my current job, I work from home.   My upstairs office looks down on the pool but with all the redwood and other trees, I can't see any of the other 100 condo units.   I nearly feel like I am in the middle of a forest.)

We go up to North Shore frequently. Have a small condo in Incline Village.

I also run an S-Corp (Adventures & Entertainment, Inc.) and three similar partnerships offering hotel, airline and car rental reservations over the Internet. I started Adventures in 1995 as Monterey Bay Adventures and Entertainment.. It has only been since 1999 that I have changed over to the online hotel reservation business. (September 11th was not kind to us.)

I seem to be pretty well linked at the hip with the Internet.   When a new interest comes up, I seem to volunteer (am volunteered?) to start a new web site such as this one.

I have been with Betsy Satterfield since 1995 and got married in 2002. Betsy had a 1995 Miata. I don't think I had ever been in a convertible before she got "Casper". (It is white with white interior and the license plate "A GHOST"). Alas, Casper stranded us one time on the side of the freeway and therefore signed his adoption papers. We now have a 2001 Special Edition Miata in BRG (British Racing Green). We belong to a Miata club named the Bay Area Miata Association (BAMA). We take a number of day rides with this group as well as longer trips. We did a two week trip from the Bay Area to Vancouver, BC. We were on freeways for a total of about 20 minutes using the backroads as much as possible. One year, we took a four day trip to Death Valley. Again, staying on the backroads. In both cases, there were about 35 Miata's (Miatae?) and 60+ people. Check out the web site for some of the other outings we have had.

Bounced around a lot after high school. Did 2 years at MPC. Started working with United Airlines in Monterey in 1967. Then San Jose State with an Aeronautics major. Quit with one semester to go?! To Seatle in 1972. Got BA degree there. To SF in 1980. To L.A. in 1982. To Ohio?! in 1984. Quit UAL and moved back to Monterey in 1985. Computer company that hired me went bankrupt a few months later. Scrambled to stay afloat. Did some computer technical work with CTB/McGraw-Hill - got my MBA while there. Not sure why - everyone else did, so... Then Wells in 1989 at Pebble Beach. Sure enjoyed working there. Real nice to pop down to the golf course during tournements including the US Open.

Both my sons, my ex's and mother still live on the Peninsula. I was even made a grampa on Cinco de Mayo.

12/29/02 Update. Married to Betsy on 12/7/02.

Next time you are wine tasting in the Napa area or in Tahoe, invite us along and we can talk about old times.

John Maloney

It's been a long time since I have been in Pacific Grove. My parents moved to Santa Rosa right after I went into the service.

After Pacific Grove I went to Hartnell College, Graduated in 1968. Shortly after that I went into the Air Force. After tech school they sent me to Viet Nam for 13 months fixing F-4's 105 wild weasels a few Hueys's and 121ec's. Then they sent me to the high Mojave desert to George AF base, still fixing F-4's. Got out of the service in 1972.

Started working in an import shop in Sausalito, after working on a wide range of exotic imports I began to appreciate Porsche's. In 1974 I opened a Porsche repair shop called Valhalla Automotive, Inc. I'm still here fixing Porsche's.

In 1978 I started vintage racing a 906 Porsche race car, then in 1979 a RSR. Moved on to national racing SCCA and I was the crew chief and motor builder on a Formula Ford and a Sports 2000 race car. In three years won four division championships three Pro Ford championships and Three National championships in Ford and Sports 2000 classes. Also won the Mark Donahue award in 1982. After all that I went and did some night enduro flagging in the Firehawk series for a couple of years. Got out of racing but not totally. I still prep a lot of cars in different classes, all Porsches. I still give some small support to Harley Davidson motor cycle racing. Yes I'm still a biker kind of guy, Now I'm riding a Harley Ultra. I did give up dirt biking when I turned fifty. I still do some jet skiing on my X-2 when I can.

Almost got married a couple of times but it didn't work out. Well that's about it for a brief history. I hope everyone is doing well and in good health.

Russell Marion


My Spouse
At the American Legion in Prunedale,CA.
A friend and I played hooky from work and went down to shoot some pool and drink some beers and there she was,sitting at the bar with her sister.I was instantly captivated by her smile and as they say "the rest is history".We've been together for nearly ten years now and it just keeps getting better.Not only is she my wife,she's my best friend.

My Kids
I have a step daughter.

My Job
As a driver/trainer for the nations largest refrigerated carrier I make a weekly trip from California to Wisconsin and back.I can't complain,it pays well,affords excellent benefits and as truck driving jobs go it allows better than average hometime(normaly two or more days per week).It's also very satisfying to be able to teach someone a trade that will elevate their financial status and at the same time hopefully make the road a safer place for all of us.

Lee McKinney

Retired Air Force ( Electronics Tech). Settled in Sacramento CA in 1992. Still working with electronics control systems. Between Cheryl & myself, we have 3 children & 4 grandchildren from California to Louisiana. We love to hike, bike & eat. I'm looking forward to "OLD AGE" so I can retire!

Martha (Menasco) Arrell


After graduating from PGHS I went to work for Pacific Bell and worked there while attending MPC. I met my husband Jerry while he was stationed at Fort Ord. We married in 1969 and spent 4 months in Georgia and 4 months in Alabama while he attended flight school. He then spent 13 months in Korea and I returned to Pacific Grove where I worked at the Carmel Community Hospital and attended more classes at MPC.

After Jerry returned to the States we lived in Oklahoma for a year while he attended the Artillery Advanced course. Then it was time to leave the active duty Army and we moved to Corvallis, Oregon and Jerry switched to the Army Reserves. While in Corvallis I worked at the local hospital, attended classes and we adopted our oldest daughter.

After Jerry graduated with 2 more degrees from Oregon State, we moved to his hometown, Brookings, Oregon and we bought into a local Pharmacy. We adopted our second daughter and enjoyed many years involved with local activities and watching our daughters grow into wonderful young ladies. I managed the Pharmacy for many years and after our daughters flew the nest, we sold it in 1997. Jerry continued to work part time in Pharmacy and I bought a local scrapbook/stamping store. After 6 1/2 years of building up that business and enjoying every moment, I decided it was time to sell and officially retire.

We moved inland from the coast to Medford, Oregon this spring (2010). Retirement is great as we love to travel. Hawaii calls us at least once or twice a year, Africa for safaris and Europe (Belgium) to visit our eldest daughter and our 3 oldest grand children. It is rough having our grand children so far away, but luckily our youngest daughter lives in Portland and has given us 2 little ones to enjoy.

Jay Miller

updated 9/10/04

2nd grandchild is due in November. Semi-retired, travel alot, looking forward to seeing all of you next year.


After gradauting from PGHS I entered the Air Force, and was stationed in New York, Alaska and Illinois. After my discharge I attended Santa Barbara City College from 1970 to 1972 and got my AA degree. I transferred down to San Diego State Univ. and graduated with a BA degree in 1974.

In 1975 I obtained my real estate brokers license and began my career in real estate finance and development. I'm President of Hurst Financial Corp., located in Atascadero. My daughter Courtney works with me and my son Jeff works in the construction business in Atascadero. My wife Laurel and I live on 7.5 acres in Templeton and we have a 5.5 acre "hobby" vineyard that we enjoy, along with traveling. I collect antique motorcycles and cars and ride my Harley daily. I'm bummed that I missed the last reunion, but I'm ready for the next one!!!

Verna (Nave) Young


I went to work for the telphone company 2 weeks after graduation, and retired from there after 25 years. I was married for 18 years, but now I'm divorced. I never had any children, so now it's just me and my cat.

Holly Naylor

I teach 7th & 8th grade science at Laguna Middle School.

William, my partner of 10 years, and I are currently living on 10 beautiful oak covered acres in Nipomo. We are in the process of moving into a reconditioned Danish Barn. For the last year and a half we have been living the simple life in our 1968 Streamline 24' Trailer. The birds sing and life is easy.

I enjoy hiking and lap swimming. William is a speciality metal welder, fabricator, and works in steel structure construction. All is great.

My son graduated with a degree in Art from San Francisco State and my daughter has one year of Cuesta College behind her.

Gloria Jean Noble

I was absent and didn't make it into the yearbook. I attended PGHS from 1963 to 1966. I was one of the relatively few black students. I have vitiligo, a condition that causes a lack of pigmentation in effected areas. You may remember me that way. I was sometimes confused with Jean Noble. I'm Gloria Jean Noble. Ms. Wendy Bender was my English teacher.

I currently live in Maryland and work in Washington, D.C. I work for a law firm domiciled in New York. I've never married and have no children. I am, however, owned by a Siamese cat named Mitchy.

Kathy (Northam) Green

Died January 9, 2011 - Obit


I am a teacher in a small rural school. I teach 4th-8th grades at Kneeland Elementary School.

Tim O'Neill

Died October 13, 2009 - Obit

Updated 6/14/09

Moved to PG last summer to help out my mom. My son Dugan is attending Western Oregon University on a baseball scholarship. Still single.

Updated 12/17/07

I am no longer teaching, Thank god! My son Dugan is still playing baseball. He has been playing on a college prep and pro scout team for the last couple of years. Check out Clashbaseball.com if you want to see his picture and stats. He has been playing all over the US and his team placed 6th this past summer in the pRemier Senior World Series in New Orleans. He is now a Senior and is being recruited by several division I schools here in AZ and Oregon and Texas, several division II and III schools as well as a number of CCs. So I am braging because I'm (expletive deleted - remember that term) proud of him.

I am once again single and plan to stay that way. Ive been a single dad for the last 14 years and I am a little apprehensive about what I will do after Dugan is gone. Probably go back to the beach and continue surfing which is still my passion.

First entry - about 2002

I am presently a high school science teacher and head volleyball coach at Estrella Foothills High School in Goodyear Arizona. I have custdody of my 13 year old son named Dugan. The two of us spend much of our spare time surfing over on the coast in So Cal and sailing our Hobie Cat. I never did give up the surf scene.

Dugan is quite the base ball player and has been playing year around baseball for about 6 years so the rest of my time is taken up following his team around. Except during the fall when Im following my VB team around. It would take much too long to tell you what Ive been doing since I got out of High school so it will suffice to say that I moved around a lot and did a lot very interesting things. Life has been pretty good to me so far.

I live with a great lady named Kelli who has 2 daughters Sydney,13 and Alix,15. We hope to move back to the beach in the next couple of years where my son and I can keep one foot in the water all the time.

Any way, howdy to everyone and see ya around

Mary (Patty) Torres


I graduated from Sacramento State College with a Bachleor's in Public Administration. I went to work for the King City Police Department and married David, who retired at Chief of Police. I, before marrying him, went to work for Safeway and retired April 1.

We have two children, Christina, 28, and Travis, 18. Christina married another "David" and they have given us 4 grandchildren. Selphie and Cheyenne were born February 11 and died February 14, 2000. They were only 24 weeks, hence, we do alot with the March of Dimes. Brody, was born January 14, 2001 and Zane was born April 21, 2005. Yes just a baby. Both boys were born early, but healthy. Travis just graduated from high school. He represented the class giving a speech about the importance of a high school diploma and received a scholarship. Presently, he is doing the "Rubicon" thing, that is a 4-Wheeling thing.

I am now getting our house ready for sale, (anyone interested in moving to Folsom?) babysitting, and loving every minute of it. We have a cabin in the mountains we like to visit in the snow and in the summer, Brody likes the train that runs around the living room. Snowmobiling has been a big thing for us, now Travis is a boarder and there are too many people to ride the 4 snowmobiles. I visit Mom, still in PG, still the same house, as often as I can and still enjoy the ocean. Unfortunately, I lost my Dad in 1990 due to lung cancer, blasted cigarettes! That is about it for now; it is great to read about everyone!

James Riovo

Died September 8, 2011 - Obit

(Updated 4/25/08) We moved to San Antonio, to be closer to my wifes parents as they are getting up in age. I hung up my headpiece ( Flying ) and retired to the good life. I've been fortunate in some investments and other financial deals that we afford not to work anymore, Oh how good it is !!! Only in America !! If you see any of our classmates please give them a " Howdy " from me,

original from about 2002

Been Living in Texas since getting out of the Army ( 1971 ). Was a helicopter pilot in the military, went to Viet Nam, came home, spent another year in the army, got out. Got married in 1972, have 3 daughters, have 6 grandchildren, one more on the way. Still fly for a living, I fly an air ambulance , with the same company for over 17 years. Enjoy the what I do, love Texas, miss P.G. Went back around 1989, or 1990, while I was attending USC ( Aviation Safety ), my wife flew out to LA and we drove up to PG, Spent a weekend with Ricky B, had Dinner with Ronnie Gorrell and his wife, saw Jim Harrill. wonderful time had by all.

Steve Robertson

(updated 11/08/10)

After teaching at Melbourne Uni for 6 years, I am now back in fulltime reporting, for the Portland Observer in Victoria's far west. It will probably be my swan song as far as fulltime work goes and it's a great way to finish up, doing what I started out with Jack Gallaher back in '63 at PGHS on the Knockout - now defunct....... just writing news stories.

Also, I'm on Facebook and will sign up for the PGHS page. I have a few pics from our very recent trip to Romania and Istanbul. They are on Flickr under the screen name 5 At Carnegie. All are welcome to have a look.

(updated 2/13/09)

A few years ago I was managing PR for a big association which was then hit with a giant insurance collapse. I was laid off with heaps of others, applied to the University of Melbourne to teach journalism, got accepted and spent 6 great years there before we left Melbourne and came out west to this rural place of ours near Portland Victoria. Anyway, even though I took a pay cut, life tends to become much happier.

(Updated 9/7/04)

I teach journalism at the Univ. of Melbourne. Lived in Australia for 24 years now. Hosting a very successful jazz radio show on PBS-fm (we webcast on www.pbsfm.org.au and it is on Friday afternoons, your time, called Jazz On Saturday). I also travel all over the world regularly as part of my freelance travel writing/photography job. This year it has been the Solomon Islands, north of England and Wales, and soon we are off to Syria and Jordan.

Living in a converted warehouse near the city center and really enjoying life in this country. Will try to get over to the US for the 40th in '06.


I think I might be the graduate of '66 who strayed the farthest from PGHS. Went off to the USAF in '68, to Texas, Thailand, Vietnam and Guam with them, got out in '72 as a staff sergeant. Finally achieved my high school dream of getting a journalism degree from U. of Missouri (Bob Russell gave me the idea), and liked it so much I stuck around for a masters in film and video production. Went to work at a Redding TV station as an anchor and reporter, then to Oregon until 1980. Took a backpacking holiday to Australia and liked it so much I stayed. Hired to report and produce news for a Perth TV station and stayed for 6 years (also taught at the local university). Married Jill in '87.

Chosen to run the media unit of the Tasmanian National Parks Service (and be their photographer!) in '89 and did that until we moved to Melbourne in '97. I now edit several magazines here and continue to host a jazz radio show on PBS-FM (been doing jazz on radio since '72 and love it). We are living with a gorgeous Russian Blue cat named Nikolai in a converted chocolate warehouse in Melbourne, just 15 minutes on the tram from the central city. I've travelled all over the place in the last 15 years, all through Asia, most of the Pacific Islands, much of Europe, Russia, and of course, virtually everywhere in Australia. I'm in the Australian Society of Travel Writers and get about 20-30 stories (and pix) published each year. Wish I could make it to the 35th with Jill but in late Sept/early Oct we are in Slovenia and Hungary on assignment. Will try for the 40th in 2006. About every 6 years or so, I get back to the USA to see my mother in Texas and father in Miami.

It's been good to hear from a few classmates in the last couple of months. Ain't the net great!

Paulette Ryan


I stage managed a show @ The Uptown Theatre in your town (Napa) a couple weeks back..."Hank Williams: Lost Highway". Beautiful facility, wonderful staff, great audience...gave the show a standing ovation.

This is a show that I have worked on over the past 1-1/2 yrs. in various locations. We have done about 30 performances. The day after we performed in Napa we took it to Lodi to a beautiful theatre with another great audience and...another standing ovation. It's one of my top favorites of almost 25 yrs. in theatre.

Gunnar Sande

I've been married 30 years. I have a 22 year old son and a 13 year old daugther. I've been teaching at Laguna Continuation High School in Sebastopol for 30 YEARS!!!! My wife,Susan,and I own Sonoma County Bath Works in Santa Rosa and Petaluma Ca. We specialize in products for bath and body as well bathroom accessories.

John Scoville


I left Temple at the end of June. Starting in August I will be at PSU Abington.

I had a good time at Pacific Grove HS. I enjoyed being on the swimming team which at that time was coached by Mr Henderson, my general science instructor. Had English with Miss Fischgrund, had math with Mr. McCornack and German with Mrs. Allen. Classmates I recall are Bill Wyman, Ron Schofield, Jack McCornack, Sabra Smyth, and Paul Wong. I only spent two years in at PGHS, then we moved to Bethesda, MD.

After high school at Bethesda - Chevy Chase HS, I attended Central Michigan University and received a BS in Chemistry. Attended graduate school a the University of Michigan and received a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry.

My first career lasted 25 years (1975-1999), I was an officer in the Army working on drugs to treat tropical diseases or teaching chemistry at West Point. I was back to the Peninsula in 1978 with my lovely wife, Suzanne, and 1989 with the Army Rugby team as a coach for West Point in the National Collegiate Championships at Pebble Beach. Things were largely as I recall them, maybe a bit smaller.

I have been married since 1971 to Suzanne Paluch, a classmate at CMU. We have two wonderful children, Sarah and David. No grand children yet. Since retiring from the Army I have been working a number of academic jobs - the University of Pennsylvania, Bucknell University and now Temple University. Best wishes to all of you.

Maria (Seda) Brown

School Psychologist
3 sons (twins + 1) - all college grads
Soon to be a grandmother.

Scott Self

(Updated 1/1/12)

My son and his wife had a son on 11/29 bringing the total to 6, 4 boys and 2 girls, and my youngest daughter is due on March 9th with a son. The boys will outnumber the girls, but we spoil them indiscriminately.

The cross country trip is still in a planning stage, but PG is definitely on the map. Being a senior is great when you are bionic. I have made a vow to myself that the next reunion is a must. I love looking at the pics as they bring back so many great memories. Best of luck to all and a wonderful 2012.

(Updated 12/15/11)

#1 - In the fall we decided to sell our house so we had a ton of "getting ready to sell" things to do. That took a while. We finally sold the house on the 21st of October, had all our things packed up, but not before we went through everything and threw out a lot. In a parallel activity we bought a new construction house that was not going to be ready til Feb 12 so we had to plan for a 4 month stay in a hotel. It was a long and arduous task but we got done.

#2 - Change of plans. An already built house became available in the new area we had bought in became available immediately, like the 24th of October so we took it and then had to rearrange a bunch of stuff, buy a bunch of stuff, move, and put all the stuff away. We did most of that and now have only a little left to put away which is awaiting a modification of a closet and the arrival of some new furniture. All should be done by the end of the year hopefully.

#3 - My left knee got so bad I decided to have it replaced. It was a no-brainer. There were no more arthroscopic solutions for either knee and the left one was the worst so it got done on the 5th of Dec. I am in the early stages of rehab, pain pills, and stretching the new knee. First post-op doc appointment is next Thursday. The PT lady says I am average so I guess I'll be fully recovered in the March time frame. In the mean time my lovely wife, Rori is taking excellent care of me and I have a supply of pain pills that do an adequate job. Crutches and a walker help too. The new house is a help as we now live in a 55+ community that has all the owner's stuff on the first floor, an upstairs where anyone who comes to visit us can stay, and a man caver with home theatre downstairs. It takes me awhile to get there, but I can now do it.

(Updated 10/30/11)

We moved to a new house last week and it has all the owner's stuff on the first floor. Couldn't take the steps anymore. Getting my left knee replaced on Dec 5th because it really hurts. Otherwise the only news is that there are 2 new grandchildren on the horizon. One in Dec that is known to be a boy for my son and another, sex unknown, for my daughter in New Jersey due in March of next year. Just hoping they will be healthy. Retirement is great. I highly recommend it.

(Updated 3/13/10) I am really retired now with the exception of working part time at a driving range. Keeps me in practice. Now have 5 grandkids (3 boys in Ohio with my oldest daughter, 1 in NJ with my youngest daughter, and 1 in Md with my son's ex).

My wife is set to retire in July from the govt. Road trip will be next spring and will include PG. Expect the road trip to last a few months. Still in Md and now that the snow is almost melted life may return to normal.

(Updated 1/7/07) I decided to "retire" early. While I loved my job of teaching high school math to kids with learning disabilities the bureacracy and administration invaded the classroom and I decided I had had enough. So now I am doing something different. I start doing some volunteer work at the local Job Corps center in town tutoring math and doing some mentoring. It is twice a week for a couple of hours. That will leave me free to play golf when I want and do some traveling.

My kids are older (Scott 35, Elissa 32, and Kristina almost 30) and my grandchildren (all 4 of them) are around or at least close enough to travel to. My wife has 3 & 1/2 yrs til she retires and then we plan to travel. Right after she retires we want to see a lot of the US and that includes PG. I really am looking forward to seeing the town, the houses I grew up in, and seeing folks that are in the area.

Best to you all and if you are in the Washington, DC or Baltimore area please call so we can get together.

(10/20/05 update) I now have another grandson, Devon Thomas Michalski. My oldest daughter and her husband who are the parents moved from Laramie WY to Cincinnati OH.

I am still in Maryland and only 2 & 1/2 years away from retiring and playing a lot of golf somewhere. Still teaching special ed math and loving it. It is nice to see some of my former students come back to visit with a college degree.

(Previous Entry) Spent 7 yrs in the Army mostly as a helicopter pilot. Left and went to work in the aerospace industry for 23 years. Got divorced in 1994. Have 3 wonderful children (Scott (30) an IT tech with the Univ of Md, Elissa (28) a teacher in Laramie, WY married with 1 and 8/9ths children), and Kristina (25) who will be moving to Md to finish her degree). Left industry in 1998 and now teach math in a special ed school. Remarried to Rori Bergere in Nov 2000. She works for the government and will retire in 8+ yrs.

It is a wonderful life. I often think about PG and how great it was to go through HS there at that time. Returning from college was wonderful. To see friends is a blessing that I miss. I did see Jim Riovo when I lived in NJ, but would love to have been at the reunion. Couldn't make it. Was starting my new teaching job and the timing wasn't the best. A summer reunion would be nice for the 40th.

I am still teaching math in a special ed school and enjoying it. My son and granddaughter still live near me in Maryland. My oldest daughter, her husband, and 2 boys, have moved to Cincinnati from Laramie, Wy which is much better for visitation purposes. My youngest is back in NJ and making up her mind about either working or going back to school for a masters. My wife, Rori, is still working for the government and is set to retire in less than 6 years. We haven't figured out where we are going to live other than the fact that it won't be in Md.

I look back on my life in the army, business, and teaching, and still think how lucky I was to be in PG when I was. Next summer, I am thinking about visiting during summer break. My sister lives in Chico and we are considering coming to PG to play some golf and visit friends. I have not been there since the summer of 1970 when I returned just after graduation from college. I think it is about time to see what my hometown has become and how the people I grew up with are doing.

My best to all of you. We are the people we have become because of the people we grew up with.

Dennis Sells


We live in New Hampshire now, we have been here almost three years. We have a beautiful inn and restaurant. Our website is www.innattamworth.com

The only thing that is tough getting use to are the winters but we love them for the first couple months Once the snow gets sloppy it loses some of its appeal for all. Hoping to hear from you soon and would love for some of the alumni to come see us.


We love our new location in Tennessee, and would welcome anyone stopping by our business. If a classmate we will even give you dinner on the house. The south is wonderful, and all our family is here together.

Carol (Sjotvedt) Holmes

Married for 27 years. (Second marriage) Have 6 children ranging in age from 32-18. 7 Grandchildren, and a psycho Jack Russell Terrier named "Little Dog".

I love to Quilt and Paint. Living in hot, dry So. Cal. (about 50 mi. south east of L.A.) I long more and more for the foggy P.G. beach. :)

My Mom passed away 2 yrs ago, and I haven't been back since then. I truly miss the place. Your old home town is always in your heart. One of these years I'm going to make it to a reunion. Also, have to get back for a bowl of clam chowder at Chili Great Chili's. best place to eat in town!

Peter Sira - Teacher


I have been retired from teaching for 30 years now. When I left Pacific Grove, my wife and I settled on five acres near Grass Valley, CA in the foothills of the Sierras. My wife passed away several years ago, and I have moved into a retirement home. I am feeling well and will be celebrating my 90th birthday this summer.

Sharon (Smith) Sweeney


Update - I finally graduated from college May 30, 2010! Only 40 years after the fact, but better late than never, right?


No longer married. Made the decision last year that I did not want to spend the next 32 years of my life like I had spent the last 32. Am now in the process of trying to figure out who I am at this stage of my life and what I want to do when I grow up. I came away from my marriage with two wonderful children - my son Patrick is 29 and my daughter Heather is 25. I have worked at Linfield College since 1989, the last 13 of which have been in the financial aid office. I coordinate the student loan program. The job is very fulfilling and I work with a great group of people. I was able to keep my house after the divorce, so continue to live in the country on a small acreage.

Sherry Smith

Married for 30 years to Mike, two great children, Patrick 26 and Heather 22.

Ellen (Songstad) Nayeri


After graduating from Monterey Peninsula College in 1969, I transferred to University of California at Santa Cruz. I received my A.B in English in Dec. 1970. In Jan. 1971 I began my Master of Science in Library Science at The Catholic University of America in Washington, DC.

Two years ago I obtained a Master of Science degree in Information Technology from the University of Maryland University College. I live in a small community just outside of Washington, DC. I am actively working in my field.

Ray Sparkman

I am retired after twenty-five year with Sears automotove and am just getting the hang of digital photo. Otherwise heath is OK and each new day brings a smile to my face.

Jim Sproles

"Tortilla Flat & Desert Fox - Jack Russell Terriers"

Ginny (Stormes) Street


Married, 1 son, 1 daughter, 1 granddaughter.

Have worked for 31 years with Jefferson County School District. Currently a Technical Specialist in Human Resources.

Rob Trankley
Died June 9, 2009 - Obit


I did a "touch and go" at PGHS, transferring in during my senior year and moving again at the end of the school year. I have fond memories of my year at PG, and of the people I met while I was there.

I moved on to Miami, Florida where I graduated from the University of Miami and went on to graduate school. In 1979 I left the tropics and moved to Seattle, where I started a financial planning practice and helped run a couple of brokerage firms.

In January of 1995, tired of commuting several hours a day in Seattle traffic, "semi-retired" and moved to Richmond, Indiana where I have an office for the investment firm of Edward Jones.

I recently married my "pre PG" high school sweetheart, Donna Myers, whom I had to leave behind when my family moved to Pacific Grove in October of 1966.

I would enjoy hearing from any of you who still remember me!

Ann (Tumbleson) Marks


After graduation I attended Fresno State where I met my husband Ken. I graduated in'70 and started teaching in Orange County that same year. I taught there for 2 years. During that time I married Ken and we moved back to Fresno. We built a house on an acre out near Madera. I continued to teach, and from 74 to 77 we had 3 children; Jeffrey Kenneth, Deanna Marie and Justin Richard. We lived there until '77 when we decided to move to Tuolumne County where my Mom had a second home. We bought an acre and built a home nestled in the cedars and dogwoods. We have raised our children here and Ken and I have both worked in the area.

I teach school at Soulsbyville Elem. (have been there for 25 years) and Ken has been a stockbroker and county supervisor. He has just recently opened a 7 acre "under roof" storage facility and loving it!!

Our son Jeff lives and works in Arizona where he is in insurance and computers as well as tiling on the side. He is married and expecting ! his first baby in Dec. Deanna is a graduate of UCDavis and Johns Hopkins University. She has just completed her Masters in nursing. After 5 years back there working at Johns Hopkins Hospital,she has become a Nurse Practitoner. She is married to a computer engineer who has been working at Raven (Naval Research Center out of Washington DC) and who just got a job at Intel in Folsum. They recently had a little boy, Logan Kenneth. He is 3 months old now! They plan on returning to California by June. Justin, our youngest, works and lives in downtown Sacramento as an insurance agent.

We have two homes in Twain Harte area and the one in PG. We hope to buy a home in Arizona this summer so we can go south in the winter, plus we have an RV in which we travel often. I am retiring this year after 32 years, so we plan on enjoying the rest of our lives traveling, golfing, boating and just relaxing and seeing family!

Steven Uchida


I am retired, in good health, relatively happy, and fairly sane. I wish I could say that about the U.S.A.

Mary (Underwood) Wall


My twins, Ryan and Julia, have just graduated from college. Hooray!

Frank Valentini

Updated 4/19/09

I retired on February 27, 2009, after working for the State of California Department of Transportation for 39 years. I was an attorney for the State, and most recently my specialty was cases involving eminent domain and inverse condemnation law. Prior to that I worked on defending Caltrans in government tort liability cases.

Connie and I have one son, Dominic, who is finishing his third year at the naval academy in Annapolis, Maryland next month. Dominic is majoring in mechanical engineering and hopes to go into the nuclear surface warfare community after he is commissioned in May of 2010. He clearly gets his brains and personal discipline from his mother.

Updated 4/19/09

Retirement pictures at Frank's Retirement. Tom MacDonald is probably the only one you'll recognize. He told some old high school and San Jose State stories when we roomed together.

Updated 2/10/09

Well, my son did get accepted to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. He is currently a Midshipman 2nd Class (a junior). My wife Connie was initially against his going to a service academy, but now she could not be more proud of him. Me too.

As of today, I have only eight more working days left before I retire from my job of over 39 years at Caltrans.

I have no immediate plans for the future except for tackling the many projects that have accumulated because of the deferred maintenance on my house of 23 years. I am looking forward to working with my hands again.

Look us up if you are ever in Marin County.


I am an attorney for the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and I am planning on retiring in March of 2009 after 39 years of service.

Connie, my wife of 19 years, and I have a son, Dominic, who is graduating from Saint Ignatius College Preparatory High School in San Francisco in June of 2006. Dominic is our only child, and for the last 17 years our lives have revolved around his activities. As of this writing, 12/8/05, we do not know where he will be going to college. By this time next year we expect to be flat broke empty nesters. That is unless our son is accepted to his first choice of colleges which is the U.S. Naval Academy.

I commute to San Francisco on the Larkspur ferry, where I am an attorney for Caltrans. Our office covers legal matters for Caltrans in an area that covers the coastal counties from the Oregon border to the Ventura County line. Connie works in Oakland as an Environmental Planner.

Rachel (Verwold) King


In July John and I celebrated our 32nd anniversary. We have 3 children: Jeffrey 30, Matthew 29 and Cory Michelle 28.

Kay (Walter) Mathews


Here's a fun story for the 1966 gang:

This past June I attended an evening get-together of my local chapter of Washington Women Lawyers at a fun little martini bar in downtown Vancouver (just over the river from Portland, Oregon). I was seated across from another attorney I know slightly -- we have other lawyer buddies in common. We were catching up on this and that when a pleasant man came over and stood beside her. She introduced him as Jon, her boss. I joked that he could be our token male for the evening. He was quite gracious and enjoyable. We started chatting, and there was back and forth with a number of the women at the table. A condensed summary goes something like this:

Me, to another woman: I grew up in Monterey.

Jon: Hey, I grew up in Monterey!

Me: Well, actually it was Pacific Grove.

Jon: Me, too! Pacific Grove! (we shake hands across the table)

Me: I graduated from Pacific Grove Hi.

Jon: I graduated from Robert Lewis Stevenson, but went to PG High through my sophomore year. ( I get up and go around the table and hug him, ask if he knows certain staff people at RSL. He doesn't. He does remember one classmate whose father was a well-known TV star at the time. I realize we are contemporaries.)

Me: I graduated in 1966.

Jon: Me, too.

Me: I went to David Avenue School.

Jon: So did I -- you know that dip in the bench outside the principal's office? I made that, I had to sit there so often.

Me: Hazel Allemand (the principal).

Jon: Yes.

And on and on from there. Kay Walter meets up with Jonathan Gill in downtown Vancouver, WA. Who knew? Sure did make my evening.

Bill Wardle

Retired U.S.COAST GUARD 1988 as Masterchief and returned to the Monterey Penninsula in 1989. Signed on with the Monterey Bay Aquarium Reseach Institute (MBARI) onboard the RV POINT LOBOS; a 110 ft vessel with a new R.O.V.(vantana) and started deep ocean studies in the Monterey canyon of which I've been the Captain for 9 years.


As of 1/01/04 retired from MBARI and started up my own business as Captain Bill's Handiman Service primarily working with the elderly to help them to live independently by making their environment safer.

Angela (Watts) Balesteri

Died February 5, 2006 - Obit


Happily married to James Balesteri who graduated from Junipero Memorial High School in 1963. Have two children: James David who gradated from PG High in 2001 and Lisa Balesteri who graduated from PG High in 1996. Have worked for the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey as an Administrative Assistant for over 35 years.

Have worked for the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey as an Administrative Assistant for over 35 years.

Jill (Whent) Colomb

My husband retired from the Navy after 28 years and we decided to move to Oregon. He is busy with a second career and I enjoy my new home and keep busy with my family. My two children Chad and Kristin both now live here in Salem and I have two Grandchildren Adam born 11-26-98 and Lillian born 6-16-01.

We have lived many interesting places during our time in the Navy, in fact we moved 12 times; the furthest being the Philippines for three years. I love Pacific Grove but don't get there much now that both my parents have died.

Brian White

Died January 31, 2011 - Classmates Page


For some reason I seem to be getting older but I could be mistaken. I play guitar. I do computer art at home and at get paid to do it at CTB McGraw-Hill.

Not married at this time. I have one son that's a musician and is in the band Starlite Desperation.

Russell Williams


I was married once before for a short time. We had one daughter who still comes to see me. I met my current wife, Annie, when she applied for a job with the company I worked for. Annie and I have been married for a little over 30 years now. We have six children and 7 grandchildren as of this month. We have lived in Utah for most of our married life and enjoy our small community.

I work as a purchasing agent for OIT at BYU. In my spare time I am a Program Director for CERT, serve as a terrorism consultant to a couple of National Guard units and also as a Law Enforcement Protective Measures instructor.

My wife is currently trying to get me to take up golf with her or something that doesn't have to deal with Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Original Entry

It has been a long time since we have seen PG and I have yet to make even one reunion. It looks like my record will stand this year also. September 28th is the due date for the grand entrance of our newest grand daughter. We have to be here for that. This is only our second grandchild.

We bailed out of California almost 23 years ago and started our home in Payson, Utah. It is a great little community that is just now starting to grow. We have hit a population of about 14,000. My wife Annie and I have been married for 26 plus years. She is a fantastic lady who grew up in San Jose. She graduated in 1972. We have six children ranging in age from 16 to 25. I have an older daughter from a previous marriage. She and her husband spend a lot of time with us also. That is pretty cool. All of our children live within 15 miles of us with our youngest 3 sons still living at home. Four of our children are married with our youngest daughter being the latest(May 19th).

My wife, Annie, has worked at Nestles for 12 years and I have been employed at Brigham Young University for 21+ years. I do purchasing for the Office of Information Technology. I also am responsible for the Emergency Medical Technicians on campus. Don't even try to figure out that connection.

One of the best parts of living in a smaller community, like Payson is or PG used to be, is the opportunity to volunteer. After serving 4 years on the City Council and 9 years with the Ambulance, I was appointed to serve as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator under the Chief of Police. This is a volunteer position but takes 20 to 30 hours per week (if I don't have to attend any Olympic planning meetings). I do the disaster planning, train the volunteer disaster response teams and give talks on "preparedness" to local civic groups and congregations. Other duties relating to my Emergency Preparedness Coordinator position with the city have involved writing city ordinances, the Emergency Operations and Response Plans. Maybe I should have gone to law school! It is challenging but rewarding.

I also serve as a volunteer "TERRORISM CONSULTANT" for the Medical Detachment of a Utah Air Guard unit. This is an interesting task for a guy who was 4F and never spent a day in the military. Basically, I try to teach the medics to stay alive if they have to respond to a terrorist incident, etc. They are learning something and so am I! Word to the wise, when you "take out" the Base Commander, they tend to get upset!

Our children have enjoyed growing up so close to the mountains. They can be up Payson Canyon among the Aspens in 10 minutes or out to the desert in 30 minutes. There is no problem finding places to ride mountain bikes here either! It has been very peaceful and I almost hate to see it grow. Anyone who wants to see what Payson is like only has to rent the video of "Footloose". Most of it was filmed in Payson. All of it was filmed in our county.

I have found the website for PGHS and will send my membership off to the Alumni Association this week or next. Please say HI!! to everyone for me. It will be good to see everyone WHEN I actually make it to a reunion. Maybe the 40th!

Added 9/27/01

We were blessed by the arrival of our second grand daughter last Thursday. Jasmine Celeste Jonas arrived at 6lbs 15oz and 19" long. She has a mop of reddish brown hair and is, of course, gorgeous. She and our daughter Nikki are doing well.

I no longer speed around the country side in an English Ford Anglia. I moved up to a modified German Ford Merkur. There is a big diference between 39 horsepower and 300 horsepower let me tell you. ;)

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