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This list is as of July 30, 2010
There are 61 classmates on this list. That is over 20% of our class. There could be more since I haven't mailed anything for a couple years.

If you know of the address for any of those on this list, please let us know at Webmaster and give us as much detail as possible.

School Name
Nancy Bierstaker
Mary Bishop
Alex Bogatirev
Margaret Buckley
Marsha Bullock
Kenneth Carlson Jr.
Thomas Chandler
Dennis Chang
Bobby Colburn
Don Collum
Carol Corsa
Carol Cox
Patty Crenshaw
Greg Dix
Suzanne Edwards
Marion Fatah
Gary Fife
Robin Flaherty
Judy Flint
Cheri Fox
Jennifer Fulton
Jane Ginella
Anthony Gomez
Sally Griffin
Jonnalee Herzog
Chris Hunt
Judy Iverson
Trudy Jones
Marla Killen
Carol Kirby
Donald Koski
Roger Lacey
Eric Larson
Jim Marett
Rita McCarthy
Wally McCulley
Kathleen McFadden
Stephanie McMillan
Carol Menier
Joe Miller
James Moreno
Barbara Moses
Pamela Noel
Judith Ouimette
Melinda Reed
Maria Rosa
David Silva
Karen Smith
Norma Smith
Sherry Smith
Art Smoot
Dean Spencer
Mie Sugihara
Pat Thieland
James Tucker
Dora Vasquez
Cindy Welch

Update as of 8/3/10
Just went through the 1965-1961 (our Junior class down to 7th grade) yearbooks to see if I had missed some of our classmates (I don't have a rule they have to had graduated with us - just went to school somewhere along the way.) I came up with the following list. Some I'm pretty sure are ours. For others, I'm thinking they were in a different class but not sure. Some of the yearbooks were really messed up. The number in front of their name is the year I found them in a yearbook.

So '65' means I found them in the Juniors section of the 1965 yearbook. '61' means I found them in one of the 7th grade classes of our 1960-1961 yearbook. If it has '636261',that means I found them in our 7th, 8th and 9th grade yearbooks. In some cases I have notes to myself in those areas. If you know their first name where I only have an initial, please let me know.

So please let me know if you know for sure they were or were not part of our class. Of course, all are considered MISSING since I haven't been trying to track them for 44 years. If you know their contact, please let me know or ask them to go to this site to update their info.

65 S. Adams
61 Bruce Ammer
63 Gregory Anderson
63 Liynda Baird
61 Charles Baker
Keep-6362 - in '64 freshmen Bill Bales
65 Charlie Barker
61 Randy Baron
6261 Lane Bennett
61 Kay Birch
61 Anna Birk
61 Alex Block
61 Gayle Brown
6261 Lynn Brown
6261 Steve Brown
61-not pictured Harvey Brown
Grad in 65-6361 James Brown
65 -in '64 book with freshmen D. Brown
65/64gone surfing C. Buttery/Buttrey65
61 Ann Campbell
61 Linda Coceho
Class of '67 in 65 book.64 C. Cordeiro
61 Mike Costello
64 C. Cutten
In '64 book as class of '67/63 Jerry Daniels
61 John Davis
62 Ken Davis
61 Gayle Davison
6261 Margaret Decker
64 T. Detullis
62 Judy DiFebbo
64 P. Duquette
64 L. Egbert
64 A. Eller
61 Bobby Enderlin
61 Gary Enderlin
61 Valerie Enderlin
62 and maybe 63/64 Alice Faulks
62 Angi Favalora
6261 Karene Ferry
6261 Mike Flanigan
65 E. Fleury
62 Janice Freeman
62 Wendell Friend
62 Dick Fuller
6261 Dalinda Furtado
61 Louis Garbers
61 Patty Gildersleeve
62 Carol Glembot
6261 Bill Goldsmith
64 F. Gonzales
61 Dennis Goodwin
6361 Michele Graham
61 Gracie Griffin
61 Bobby Grimes
61 Michelle Grimes
6362 - in '65 and '66 as class of '67 Lillian Guyot
64 J. Haney
61 Robert Harmon
61 Charles Heeg
65 J. Henny
61 Cheryl Hoffman
62 Vivian Honea
64 R. Hunter
62 Eileen Keefe
61 George Kemplin
61 Kathy Kezeli
64 M. Kimberling
61 Janice Kirieger
61 Larry Knight
64 L. Kristovich
6362(Greg) John LaBelle
65/64p.lane gone surfing D. Lane
61 Lanette Lansrud
64 J. Largent
61 Tor Larson
63 Joe Lawson
6362 Ingeborg Ledoux
63 Tom Lee
6261 Aileen Lee
62 Buddy Levingston
61 Carla Libby
636261 Kurt Lightner
6261 Katie Linares
61 Robert Locklin
61 Lucille Los Banos
61 John Lukens
In '65 class of '67-6461 Victoria Maillett
64 B. McQuain
61 Jerry Miller
65 P. Miller
62-no picture Susan Milstead
63 and maybe 65-looks a little like Sherry-class '65 Susan Mitchell
61 Jennie Moser
64 L. Neckler
In '64 book as class of '676362 Jack Northern
61 Linda Olds
61 Kathy O'Malley
6361 Delia Omstead
6261 Susan O'Neill
6463 Pat O'Neill
61 Mike Parmley
61 Pat Parmley
61 David Partridge
6261 Joyce Pawling
63 page 59 Jimmy Peeples
64- in '65 book as gone fishing for class of'67 P. Peterson
61 Linda Phillips
Keep-636261 Adrienne Pimentel
64 J. Poe
6261 Andreas Poerish
May be the brother of H. Powell in 64 book but class of '65-64 L. Powell
61 Gailyn Pritchard
61 Rebecca Quesnel
63 - '64 book shows class of '67 Lamar Raley
61 Barbara Rance
64 R. Richards
62 Bill Roberts
62 Jill Robutz
61 Vivian Rooks
64 P. Royster
61 Betty Sager
6261 Sandra Sanchez
61 John Sanders
63 Douglas Sargent
62 Beverly Schleiffer
Brother or near twin in same book as class of '6563 Michael Sheridan
64 T. Sievers
62 George Sinclair
64 I. Sisneros
64 N. Sleander
61 Judy Sluser
6362 Don Smith
62 Sharon Soares
636261 Tina Springsteen
6362 - in '64 book as class of '67 Ben Spurlin
65 Tina Stanford
61 Arlene Stanley
636261 Terry Stegeman
64 M. Stevens
6462 Bob Stucel
64 L. Sucher
6463 Hideo Sugihara
61 Dale Taylor
61 Duane Terrill
61not pictured Dennis Thiboult
65 James Thiele
6261 Joe Torres
6261 Ken Vidor
65 H. Vitan
62 Pat Viviano
61 David Walker
61 Joe Watkins
62 Willie Watters
62 Bob Wear
63 Rose Weeks
Keep-636261 Julie Wenner
62 Terry Wilson
6261no pictures Myrlena Yates
63 Henry Yee

Update as of 8/3/10
This group HAS been added to our Roster. Either I knew them enough to remember them as part of our class, they were with us enough years I decided they must have been part of our class or I knew we had elementary pictures of them so included them. It is possible they may have skipped or lost a grade along the way and graduated as part of another class. Even so, I felt they were a classmate and qualified to be included.

Same as above - they are also MISSING. Please help me contact them.

6361 Rodney Allen
6564636261 Cliff Barringer
656261 Nicola Berlandt
62picture Michael Berry
656463 Sherry Bliss
65646261 Butch Bowman
6463 Gary Boyles
65646261 Mike Bradley
636261 Bob Brandt
636261 James Burkholder
64/63nopicture Mandi Chaffin
65/64gone surfing M. Cox
646362 Carol Curby
636261 Charles Dawdy
6564 I. or A Deadrick
64636261 Vicki Dellamano
636261 Linda Drewien
6362 David Eaton
64636261 June Fortman
636261 Brian Gill
6564/63no picture Maria Gonsalves65/Gozalves64/Gonsalves63
636261 Christine Guest
6564 L. Housh
656463 - also has a reverse picture in '64 for class of '67 Gary Hunter
656462 Jean Johnson
646361 Rose Lechenby
6564 A. McNulty
6564636261 Linda Nervo
656463 Pat Parr
64636261 - in '65 book shows as class of '67 Steve Peterson
636261 Cecelia Roman
6362 Susan Rzeppa
6564 63sophmore? M. Saunders
636261 Karl/Richard in 6162 Schlarb
646362 David Severin
6564636261 Mike Shanklin
6562 Marsha Sidney
6564636261 Susan Spiking
6564636261 Donna Tierney
6564636261 David Trinkle

We are looking for a volunteer to use the internet search functions to try to get an email or full address for these. Please just start and let the webmaster know.

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