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We have made arrangements with a national company to copy our 1966 Sea Urchin Yearbook to a CD-ROM. One of the advantages is that with their high resolution scan, it is possible to zoom into the picture. Additionally, we've learned that some members have lost their book or never bought it. We hear them telling us they wish they could get ahold of a yearbook. This may be the perfect solution. Take a look at My Old Yearbook's web site that describes it better than I could. We finally shipped the first run on March 3, 2003. You may now order individually.

Please let us know at Yearbook on CD and use our order form

(The attachment is an Adobe Acrobat file. To view it, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 or later software which can be downloaded FREE at Adobe's website: . If you do not have Acrobat Reader software VERSION 4.0 OR LATER you may have trouble with the file. If this seems like too much trouble, just send money and make sure we know who and what it is for.)

to send $29.95 plus shipping and handling of $5.25 for a total of $35.20 to:

Tom MacDonald
9 Village Parkway
Napa, CA 94558

Please also make the check out to Tom MacDonald - Yearbook CD. We only have a simple savings account with Tom and Linda Culp Chaney's name on the account. We won't be able to cash any checks made out to PGHS.
The reunion makes a little on this to help defray our own postage and other upfront reunion expenses. We always like to have a "kitty" after the reunion to help with the next years startup. In fact, you are welcome to send extra.

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