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Send your new and old photo in digital format to Pictures and we will post them.

Small pictures with a blue line around them can be clicked on to produce a larger image. (Caution, these larger images my take awhile to load if you have a slow connection.)

I am in the process of uploading the photos from the 2001 reunion. The only one on this page is the one at the bottom. Click on it for a page with the names captioned. All other photos are linked to each individuals name in the roster

Doug Tom
Doug Bird Tom MacDonald
Betsy 1996
Betsy (Tom's partner), Tom MacDonald and Phil Mumford at the 1996 gathering Friday at the Doubletree. 1996 Reunion BBQ Group Photo
Gene Bob
Gene VanScoy Bob and Judy Brisco
Steve Steve
Steve & Jill Robertson 2000 Steve & Jill Robertson BDay 1999
PGHS Current
PGHS 1966 tassel Current PGHS Breaker Logo
Carol Scott
Carol (Bradley) Lauderdale - 1997 Scott Self and daughter 2003
2001 Reunion BBQ
2001 Reunion BBQ
1955 BDay Party
1955 Robert Down BDay Party
PG Coastline
PG Coastline by Gunnar Sande
Jim Riovo and grandson Ayden
Jim Riovo and grandson Ayden

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