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Things are really going great for me. I'm still working at CTB - the same place for almost 22 years. I manage state-wide testing programs for high school and elementary school levels. Right now I work closely with the Kentucky, Pennsylvania, and Connecticut State Departments of Education to implement legislated testing. Needless to say, I travel a fair bit. But I'm also getting ready to retire and try something different. There is still a lot I want to do.

We live at the top of Los Laureles Grade off the Monterey-Salinas Highway. We are finally getting caught up with our daily activities after coming out of a long but successful election, when my husband, Mike, was elected Sheriff of Monterey County. Now that is over, I can spend time with my two little grand daughters (2 yrs and 4 months). Both of my sons are in the San Jose area. That means we can see them frequently.

We were thrown a curve last month (January, 2003). My mother passed away in an accident - only one week after Mike's swearing in ceremony, so I'm glad she was able to be there for that. She had worked so hard on the campaign with us. But she died doing what she loved best - gardening. She was overdoing it - as usual - and fell on some uneven ground. The fall caused her death. My days are now spent getting Dad adjusted and cared for.

In all, I feel very blessed. I miss the old crowd, but also find my days filled with making new friends throughout the county and at the state level, now that Mike's work has expanded our horizons and my own work takes me out of state. There is little time to rest. Fortunately, we both love the activities and being involved. So you will hear no complaints from me! Best wishes to all my classmates!

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