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When posted overseas, I worked for the CIA. Once John retired from the agency, I became a Class A Contractor and restored historic homes--usually built around 1850.

.I am a published author. I write action adventure/urban fantasy/paranormal as LJ DeLeon. Yes, the LJ stands for Linda Jo, and yes, I write under my maiden name.I also write the mystery series Jordan Davis Mysteries, which are set here in Lynchburg, VA, as Alyssa Lyons.


My husband and I have been married since April 1969. We have two children. Our son was born in 1971, is married and has three daughters. Our daughter was born in 1977, is single and a chef.

I co-write romantic, screwball comedy with my best friend as Terry Campbell. To date, we've published three novels: "Intimate Investor", "Mr. Wrong", and "Fat Chance". All three have been published as electronic books and will come out in trade paperback this Fall. "Mr. Wrong" & "Fat Chance" are also avaible in hardback.

Webmaster: "I'm just curious-how do two people write a book. "

Linda: Bobbye and I are both the idea people. One of us gets an idea, runs it by the other, if she likes it we do a quick sketch of the plot idea and basic characters. They we put it aside because we've got two or three projects ahead of it.

When we start a project, we get together and do the following: 1. Complete character bios for all the main and secondary characters. 2. Plot the following items: a. The beginning. b. The inciting incident--7% into the story. It's a major reversal, you've thought the story was going one way and now it's turned upside down and heading another direction. c. First Plot Point--25% into the story, major reversal. End of Act 1 beginning of Act 2. d. Mid Point--50% into the story, another major reversal e. Second Plot Point--75% into the story. Darkest moment, all is lost. End of Act 2 beginning of Act 3. f. The end.

Now we're ready to start on the story. Bobbye hates to plot, I love it. So, I continue to plot, connecting what happens and how to get from one point to another. Whereas I'm a slower writer, Bobbye's fast. She's also a stream of consciousness writer. So, she writes first draft. She sends me every chapter, sometimes every scene, as she writes it. Then I rewrite it. In a book/manuscript 419 pages long, Bobbye writes around 195-210. I rewrite everything she's sent plus add a lot. We like to say she provides the skeleton, and I do everything else.

When finished rewriting a chapter, I send it via email attachment to Bobbye. She uses Word's edit/tracking mode and goes through it making suggestions. Some I include, others I trash. I'm the one who has final say over the product.

Truth is, where Bobbye and I are concerned the whole is greater than the sum of its part. Oh, I also write screenplays. Haven't sold any but have had one final in America's Best Screenplay Contest. If you go to our website, you'll see a photo of the two of us. I'm the brunette. Oh, and the e-book site is no longer valid. My publisher was bought by LTDBooks and all three titles should be available this weekend."

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