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Chris Faulks - 1966Chris Faulks - 1986
1966 Yearbook photo1986 Reunion
Chris Faulks - 1991Chris Faulks - 1991
1991 Reunion - Chris with Dale and Maureen Lipp1991 Reunion - Jim Popkey, Chris, Larry Cram, Tom Millette and Margaret Buckley
Chris Faulks - 2001Chris Faulks and Gunnar Sande - 2001
2001 Reunion at the BBQ2001 Reunion Breakfast talking to Gunnar Sande
Chris Faulks - 2006Chris Faulks - 2006
2006 Reunion with Tom MacDonald2006 Reunion - Sue Stutzman, Georgene Rugg, Chris and Holly Naylor
Chris Faulks - 2011Chris Faulks and Steven Schulman - 2011
2011 Reunion BBQ2011 Reunion with new husband Steven Schulman


I got married about 3 years ago so I will be bringing my husband, Steven Schulman.

I have not changed my name yet. I'm still Chris Murry but will probably start the process some time next year. There is so much to do - I think he should change his but somehow, he does not agree!

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