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I thought I would update my bio a little. I realize it is a little like an obituary, but I'm not dead yet!(Just a little flesh wound)

1967-1971 Doug Bird and I joined the Navy at the same time and spent Xmas 1967 in San Diego at boot camp. I went on to Electrician's school and submarine school. Served aboard USS Jallao on the East Coast (long way from Viet Nam).

1971 - 1977 College...Cabrillo and CSU Sacramento, married Lu Kier, trained as Medical Technologist at Natividad in Salinas and moved to Sacramento.

1978 - 1988 Worked at Sacramento blood bank, went back to school for MBA, had son (Brendan in 1978) and lived the suburban life.

1989 - 1996 Moved back to Pacific Grove, worked as Lab supervisor and district manager for Mayo Laboratory Network. Lab laid off and went to night school for teaching Credential

1997 - 2013 Started working at Pacific Grove Middle School, got divorced, got remarried, had a daughter, Orion, born in 2006. My son got married in 2010, had daughter (Aislinn)in 2013.I got really sick in 2010 but all ok by 2011, retired in June 2013.

2013 - Lots of home projects and home dad, hope to see you all next year at 50th.


Still teaching at PG middle school (about 3 more years) and enjoying the kids every day. Tell all I will try to make it the 50th and bring my (lets see, she'll be 9 year old daughter with me!!)

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