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Gwen Griffith - 1966
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Ray, my husband of 47+ years, passed away unexpectedly this past Mothers Day from a pulmonary embolism. He was a Freshman Assistant Coach for the Salinas High Cowboys. Our grandson Nikko was the starting catcher. That Saturday the team played and beat Hollister. He so thrilled at the win. During the following Salinas vs Palma, a special tribute was paid to him, as he was a Palma Varsity Coach for five years.

Although I have good days and bad days, my six grandchildren keep me busy. Nikko will turn 16. Vincent is 13. Michael and Marco are 7. Avery turns 6 and Gianna is 4.

I am looking forward to our 50rh class reunion next year. I hope a lot of the class attends. I will sorely miss my best friend Diane Fosso.


I retired early last July 1. YEA! I checked into my retirement fund at CHOMP and found with it and social security, I could earn just as much staying home as working at a place which was becoming less stable. That was a no brainer. Plus with a new grand daughter, Gianna who is now 9 months, I am a full time grandmother to my six.


I now have a total of 6 grandchildren. The latest additions are Avery Hope, who will be 2 this December, Jim and Nora's child. Gianna Roselie, was born in July, Joe and Angie's little girl. I retired this past June.


Married to Ray for 42 years now; 43 this December. The grandsons are Nikko, Age 10, Vincent, Age 8, Marco is 20 months, Michael is 2 and I have a grand-daughter, Avery Hope who is 6 1/2 months. She is my Princess!

I am still with Salinas Valley Urology as a Surgery Scheduler; working 4 1/2 days.

The older grandsons are big into sports: soccer, flag football, basketball and baseball. We go to every game.

Ray retired a year ago. He is now an Assistant Varsity Baseball Coach for Palma High School and coaches the Central Coast Seals (High School age baseball) for the Summer and the Fall.

I am sooo looking forward to retiring which will come to be just as my "boys" hit high school.


Married to Ray Crivello for the past 41 years. We have three sons, Daniel, Joseph and James. All three graduated from Palma High School. Dan is not married and works in the building maintenance/landscape business. Joe and Jim are Monterey County Sheriffs. Joe is married to Angie, a Notre Dame graduate and they have three sons, Nikko who is 10 years old, Vincent who is 7 years old and Marco who is 5 months old. Jim and Nora, another Notre Dame graduate, have one son, Michael who is 9 months old.

I now work for Salinas Valley Urology. Looking forward to retiring within the next 4 years to enjoy my grandsons even more than I do now.


I've been married to Ray for 37 years. We have 3 sons, Daniel, Joseph and James. Joseph is married to Angie and they have two sons, Nikko and Vincent. James is getting married July 3, to Nora Schuenueman, who's mother teaches at PGHS.

I currently work for Salinas Valley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine in the Medical Records Department. I am a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant.

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