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Mary Ann Hannum - 1966Mary Ann Hannum - 2004
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While I didn't have the 12 kids I wanted when I was in high school, I do have four children, all married or at least spoken for, nine grandchildren, and 3 step grandchildren. So with my kids, their spouses, and their kids, I have a huge family. At picnics, we can form our own teams and play against ourselves.

I moved away from Pacific Grove years ago although I do visit often. (I've only run into three classmates over the years.) I now live in the Pleasanton area and am a data analyst and training specialist in the Human Resources Development department of a large corporation.

I like to go camping and have taken a couple of driving trips around the states. I had the best times and hope to do more of it again.

(As of 03/07/05)

I had a daughter get married, spent some time in the hospital and then recuperating, and now another daughter, who didn't have a "real" wedding when she got married, is renewing her vows in April, but it is more like a wedding. Plus I'm taking some classes. - so I've been extremely busy.

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