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After leaving high school and attending a year of school at BYU I served a mission for my church to Brazil for two years. It was a wonderful experience and formed a foundation of faith for me that has lasted my whole life.

I found a wonderful woman to marry who shared those same deep beliefs and commitments and we have been together since 1970. We have been blessed with eight wonderful children, four boys and four girls ranging from ages 16 to 28. We currently have five grandchildren and one in the hopper, so to speak. We have had five of our children serve missions for our church which took them to eastern Germany, Uruguay, Mexico, London and Poland. We have a wonderful time with our family and our place is like one continual event center. It will be very hard for us to adjust to being alone again after so many years of so much going on. But then the neat thing about being grandparents is that you get to go see all the new arrivals and with the three we have married now and the two that are getting married this year we should be quite busy after all for a long time to come.

For those who might be interested, I kind of am a jack of all trades and master of none. I do property management and along with that have my maintenance and repair business. I get to fix about everything there is to fix and most of the time it all turns out looking good! My wife went back to school when most of our kids were older and finished her degree and got a masters in special education and teaches the resource center at a local grade school here.

We might not be exotic world travelers but we are very blessed with having what we need and most importantly a wonderful family and to us that is what life is really about. We have four of our kids graduated from college and one with a law degree and the three others working on getting their college degrees.

I think that does it from this end. If you are interested in any more wonderful facts about me then just drop me a note and I will answer your questions.

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