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Paul Heitz - 1966
1966 Yearbook photo

I Moved to Nevada last year after living in Pacific Grove all my life. We gave the business we had in P.G. (Paul's Drapery) to our daughter to run after 30 years in business in PG. We are now making draperies here in Paradise Hill, Nevada and it seems that we are doing the same work. We also have an art studio that my wife works hard at when she is not making draperies. I help her and work on my old car, a 1935 Dodge Brothers coupe that I picked up.

It was good to get away. We lived in the same house for over 27 years. We had good times and bad in Pacific Grove.

We had two children in Pacific Grove. A girl, Sherry, that is now in the business, and a boy, Cory, that was killed in a car accident at the age of 21 in 1996.

We still come to PG for things. My wife helps out every year at Grad Night but I think that this year was her last.

We love to go out and find old ghost towns and do some gold finding. There is a lot to see and do.

We'd love to see old friends, so stop by.

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