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I wish my cardiologist had let me go to the reunion...unfortunately I am restricted to 1hr travel...which also mean no golf....which means I am really pissed off...I hope everyone had a great time

My mom still lives on spazier avenue at 85 years of age so if I could go I would have.

Been married 30yrs in Feb. Have 2 kids...and soon to be 5 grandkids


Well I think it's time to find a new cardiologist......won't let me play golf yet.....guy just doesn't get it...:) Oh well, guess the 20 somethings are going to get a head start on me this year.


Retired, ex golf pro, ex navy, but mostly did quality engineering and management

Wow, almost 45 years. Just a short update - my son just got engaged....so grandchildren are probably in the future.

I am still retired, playing golf but it's a bit aggravating now that breaking 80 is more important than shooting 70......age I guess...cant get the ball out of my shadow hardly.

Dawn my 26 yr old daughter is managing a retail store here in Portland....we aren't that far from our 50th reunion .....Wow!

Anyway hope everyone is in good health and hope we can celebrate our 50th together...last reunion I went too was great. Be well folks. Hope this missive finds you all in good health and happy.Dave


Currently employed as a Quality Engineer for Jomed Inc., a medical device manufacturer. Been in quality engineering since 1981 for a wide variety of companies and products.

Married for 19 years have 2 children Dawn age 16 and Michael age 13.

Spent 2 tours in our favorite war *vietnam*. 11 years Navy.

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