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Jeff Magyar - 1966Jeff Magyar - 1986
1966 Yearbook photo1986 at reunion
Jeff Magyar and Dennis Sells 1991Jeff Magyar 1996
Jeff and Dennis Sells at 1991 reunion1996 Reunion - Jim Harrill, Rick Buonaccorsi, Bruce Amor, Dennis Garrett, Jeff, John Busico, and Gunnar Sande
Linda and Jeff Magyar 2001Magyar, Sande, VanScoy 2001
Linda and Jeff Magyar at 2001 reunionJeff Magyar, Gunnar Sande and Eugene VanScoy at 2001 reunion
Jeff Magyar 2006Jeff and Linda Magyar 2011
Sandi Thornton looking on as Jeff talks to Bill and Patti Oberst Wardle - 2006Linda and Jeff at 2011 reunion


I was working in the garage and listening to 'The Who' station on Pandora radio when a police car pulled up. Two officers got out. One might have been early twenties. The other was a seasoned training officer. As they walked toward the garage before I could find out why they stopped the young officer said "Good music. WHO is that?"

I said, "The Who".

He said, "Yes, WHO is that"?

I said, "The Who".

He got a little flustered and looked at his training officer WHO was laughing so hard all he could get out of his mouth was, "Just get in the car".

I asked if I could take their picture because I wanted to remember this and the training officer just thanked me for one of the best days hes had this year. They got in the car and drove off.

I have no clue why they stopped in the first place.

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