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John Maloney - 1966
1966 Yearbook photo

It's been a long time since I have been in Pacific Grove. My parents moved to Santa Rosa right after I went into the service.

After Pacific Grove I went to Hartnell College, Graduated in 1968. Shortly after that I went into the Air Force. After tech school they sent me to Viet Nam for 13 months fixing F-4's, 105 Wild Weasels, a few Hueys's and 121ec's. Then they sent me to the high Mojave desert to George AF base, still fixing F-4's. Got out of the service in 1972.

Started working in an import shop in Sausalito, after working on a wide range of exotic imports I began to appreciate Porsche's. In 1974 I opened a Porsche repair shop called Valhalla Automotive, Inc. I'm still here fixing Porsche's.

In 1978 I started vintage racing a 906 Porsche race car, then in 1979 a RSR. Moved on to national racing SCCA and I was the crew chief and motor builder on a Formula Ford and a Sports 2000 race car. In three years won four division championships three Pro Ford championships and Three National championships in Ford and Sports 2000 classes. Also won the Mark Donahue award in 1982. After all that I went and did some night enduro flagging in the Firehawk series for a couple of years. Got out of racing but not totally. I still prep a lot of cars in different classes, all Porsches. I still give some small support to Harley Davidson motor cycle racing. Yes I'm still a biker kind of guy, Now I'm riding a Harley Ultra. I did give up dirt biking when I turned fifty. I still do some jet skiing on my X-2 when I can.

Almost got married a couple of times but it didn't work out. Well that's about it for a brief history. I hope everyone is doing well and in good health.

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