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George Menasco - 1966
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I asked Martha Menasco about her brother George. I received this response.

George is doing just fine. Before my mom passed away, I made sure she established a Special Needs Trust for George. When she passed away, she had no money, but she still had the house. It was in terrible shape and of course the market was at itís lowest, but a local developer who has rentals in the area was interested in it.

My husband & I were able to get George established in an apartment in one week, and the following week cleared out the house and sold it for cash. Sold it low, but didnít have to deal with renovation and dealing with a real estate agent.

I was also able to connect George with the San Andreas Regional Center in Salinas and they took him on as a client. They work with the mentally disabled. He is provided with a once a week caregiver who takes him shopping, or to any appointments he might have and assists with paying the bills. Thank goodness they are there.

It has been a hard life for George, but thankfully he doesnít realize it. His condition was caused by another doctor error. When he was born on the Monterey Peninsula, his doctor was drunk and crushed his skull with the forceps. It was so bad that no one but my mother was even able to hold him for 6 months. They said he wouldnít live longer than 2 years, but he is now 69.

He does get your notices and his caregiver reads them to him. He loves keeping up with what is going on in Pacific Grove, but I know he will never attend the reunion. Thanks for thinking of him.

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