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Martha Menasco - 1966
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Sorry I have been out of touch. Have not had the best last couple of years with three surgeries but on the mend. Thank goodness Oregon has a great medical school in Portland at OHSU.

I had a knee replacement here in Medford in 2000 and the doctor covered up the fact he broke off a drill bit in my bone. Infection developed and have struggled with it ever since. After the cement dissolved and the knee failed, the doctors at OHSU finally found out what had happened and I had two more knee replacements on the same knee. They were unable to remove the drill bit because of the possibility of losing the leg to the infection, but I feel fortunate to be walking again.


After graduating from PGHS I went to work for Pacific Bell and worked there while attending MPC. I met my husband Jerry while he was stationed at Fort Ord. We married in 1969 and spent 4 months in Georgia and 4 months in Alabama while he attended flight school. He then spent 13 months in Korea and I returned to Pacific Grove where I worked at the Carmel Community Hospital and attended more classes at MPC.

After Jerry returned to the States we lived in Oklahoma for a year while he attended the Artillery Advanced course. Then it was time to leave the active duty Army and we moved to Corvallis, Oregon and Jerry switched to the Army Reserves. While in Corvallis I worked at the local hospital, attended classes and we adopted our oldest daughter.

After Jerry graduated with 2 more degrees from Oregon State, we moved to his hometown, Brookings, Oregon and we bought into a local Pharmacy. We adopted our second daughter and enjoyed many years involved with local activities and watching our daughters grow into wonderful young ladies. I managed the Pharmacy for many years and after our daughters flew the nest, we sold it in 1997. Jerry continued to work part time in Pharmacy and I bought a local scrapbook/stamping store. After 6 1/2 years of building up that business and enjoying every moment, I decided it was time to sell and officially retire.

We moved inland from the coast to Medford, Oregon this spring (2010). Retirement is great as we love to travel. Hawaii calls us at least once or twice a year, Africa for safaris and Europe (Belgium) to visit our eldest daughter and our 3 oldest grand children. It is rough having our grand children so far away, but luckily our youngest daughter lives in Portland and has given us 2 little ones to enjoy.

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