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Mary Patty - 1966
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I graduated from Sacramento State College with a Bachleor's in Public Administration. I went to work for the King City Police Department and married David, who retired at Chief of Police. I, before marrying him, went to work for Safeway and retired April 1.

We have two children, Christina, 28, and Travis, 18. Christina married another "David" and they have given us 4 grandchildren. Selphie and Cheyenne were born February 11 and died February 14, 2000. They were only 24 weeks, hence, we do alot with the March of Dimes. Brody, was born January 14, 2001 and Zane was born April 21, 2005. Yes just a baby. Both boys were born early, but healthy. Travis just graduated from high school. He represented the class giving a speech about the importance of a high school diploma and received a scholarship. Presently, he is doing the "Rubicon" thing, that is a 4-Wheeling thing.

I am now getting our house ready for sale, (anyone interested in moving to Folsom?) babysitting, and loving every minute of it. We have a cabin in the mountains we like to visit in the snow and in the summer, Brody likes the train that runs around the living room. Snowmobiling has been a big thing for us, now Travis is a boarder and there are too many people to ride the 4 snowmobiles. I visit Mom, still in PG, still the same house, as often as I can and still enjoy the ocean. Unfortunately, I lost my Dad in 1990 due to lung cancer, blasted cigarettes! That is about it for now; it is great to read about everyone!

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