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Steve Robertson - 1966Steve Robertson - 2003
1966 Yearbook photoSteve in a restaurant at Daylesford with his wife Jill from his birthday in 1999.
Steve and Jill Robertson - 1966
Steve and Jill at their place in Portland Victoria (down under)

(updated 11/08/10)

After teaching at Melbourne Uni for 6 years, I am now back in fulltime reporting, for the Portland Observer in Victoria's far west. It will probably be my swan song as far as fulltime work goes and it's a great way to finish up, doing what I started out with Jack Gallaher back in '63 at PGHS on the Knockout - now defunct....... just writing news stories.

Also, I'm on Facebook and will sign up for the PGHS page. I have a few pics from our very recent trip to Romania and Istanbul. They are on Flickr under the screen name 5 At Carnegie. All are welcome to have a look.

(updated 2/13/09)

A few years ago I was managing PR for a big association which was then hit with a giant insurance collapse. I was laid off with heaps of others, applied to the University of Melbourne to teach journalism, got accepted and spent 6 great years there before we left Melbourne and came out west to this rural place of ours near Portland Victoria. Anyway, even though I took a pay cut, life tends to become much happier.

(Updated 9/7/04)

I teach journalism at the Univ. of Melbourne. Lived in Australia for 24 years now. Hosting a very successful jazz radio show on PBS-fm (we webcast on and it is on Friday afternoons, your time, called Jazz On Saturday). I also travel all over the world regularly as part of my freelance travel writing/photography job. This year it has been the Solomon Islands, north of England and Wales, and soon we are off to Syria and Jordan.

Living in a converted warehouse near the city center and really enjoying life in this country. Will try to get over to the US for the 40th in '06.


I think I might be the graduate of '66 who strayed the farthest from PGHS. Went off to the USAF in '68, to Texas, Thailand, Vietnam and Guam with them, got out in '72 as a staff sergeant. Finally achieved my high school dream of getting a journalism degree from U. of Missouri (Bob Russell gave me the idea), and liked it so much I stuck around for a masters in film and video production. Went to work at a Redding TV station as an anchor and reporter, then to Oregon until 1980. Took a backpacking holiday to Australia and liked it so much I stayed. Hired to report and produce news for a Perth TV station and stayed for 6 years (also taught at the local university). Married Jill in '87.

Chosen to run the media unit of the Tasmanian National Parks Service (and be their photographer!) in '89 and did that until we moved to Melbourne in '97. I now edit several magazines here and continue to host a jazz radio show on PBS-FM (been doing jazz on radio since '72 and love it). We are living with a gorgeous Russian Blue cat named Nikolai in a converted chocolate warehouse in Melbourne, just 15 minutes on the tram from the central city. I've travelled all over the place in the last 15 years, all through Asia, most of the Pacific Islands, much of Europe, Russia, and of course, virtually everywhere in Australia. I'm in the Australian Society of Travel Writers and get about 20-30 stories (and pix) published each year. Wish I could make it to the 35th with Jill but in late Sept/early Oct we are in Slovenia and Hungary on assignment. Will try for the 40th in 2006. About every 6 years or so, I get back to the USA to see my mother in Texas and father in Miami.

It's been good to hear from a few classmates in the last couple of months. Ain't the net great!

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