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John Scoville - 1964John Scoville - 2010
1964 Yearbook photoAbout 2010 taken in class at Temple University


I left Temple at the end of June. Starting in August I will be at PSU Abington.

I had a good time at Pacific Grove HS. I enjoyed being on the swimming team which at that time was coached by Mr Henderson, my general science instructor. Had English with Miss Fischgrund, had math with Mr. McCornack and German with Mrs. Allen. Classmates I recall are Bill Wyman, Ron Schofield, Jack McCornack, Sabra Smyth, and Paul Wong. I only spent two years in at PGHS, then we moved to Bethesda, MD.

After high school at Bethesda - Chevy Chase HS, I attended Central Michigan University and received a BS in Chemistry. Attended graduate school a the University of Michigan and received a Ph.D. in Medicinal Chemistry.

My first career lasted 25 years (1975-1999), I was an officer in the Army working on drugs to treat tropical diseases or teaching chemistry at West Point. I was back to the Peninsula in 1978 with my lovely wife, Suzanne, and 1989 with the Army Rugby team as a coach for West Point in the National Collegiate Championships at Pebble Beach. Things were largely as I recall them, maybe a bit smaller.

I have been married since 1971 to Suzanne Paluch, a classmate at CMU. We have two wonderful children, Sarah and David. No grand children yet. Since retiring from the Army I have been working a number of academic jobs - the University of Pennsylvania, Bucknell University and now Temple University. Best wishes to all of you.

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