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Sharyn Sinclair - 1966
1966 Yearbook photo

(From I was an AFS Exchange student to Pacific Grove High School, California during 1965-6, and then went back to begin University in Southern Africa. After working as a computer usiness systems analyst, I went back to University, studying and teaching, with a special interest in environmental and conservation management.

I started the first environmental consultancy practice in the country, then became the first Head of Environmental Management for the City of Durban. After moving to Australia, I finishedd my PhD in Sydney, and then became head of Environmental Management for the City of Sydney, when the Green Olympics were being planned.

I went to Rio, Brazil for the Earth Summit (UNCED) and to the World Urban Forum in Curitiba. On the way there, I visited my home and school in California again, and on the way back stopped over to visit with my American host family, living in Texas at the time.

I was then asked to become Director of a new Division of Community and Environmental Services for the City of Blue Mountains, with 26 towns and villages in a National Park and World Heritage area. I was also asked to go to Fiji to establish a new Department of Environment and Conservation for the national Government..

On my return to Australia, i started working for the New South Wales State Government, in Water and LandConservation, and then moved to head up the Nature Conservation Prfogram, Branch of scientists, and all national parks in the northern half of the State of Tasmania, for its National Parks and Wildlife Service.

About five years ago, I moved to the State of South Australia, in the city of Adelaide, and have worked for the National Parks and Wildlife Service, Primary Industries, and Water, Land and Biodiversity Conservation I also managed, with a huge effort, to finish my DBA, a business doctorate I am now Chief Executive of Green Arrow Corporate Conservation, based at Lion Lodge in South Australia, and specialise in zoo, wildlife, conservation, environmental and natural resource management.

That is a quick bio summary, but every one of these roles has been very interesting and exciting, with its own challenges. While at Pacific Grove High, I was invited to speak to many Rotary Clubs, and have recently joined Rotary myself, bieng this year the first woman President of the Glen Osmond Rotary Club. I would be interested in hearing from US Zoo Directors/managers and Rotary members.

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