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Frank Valentini - 1966Frank Valentini - 1986 Reunion
1966 Yearbook photo1986 Reunion
Frank Valentini - 2006 Reunion PicnicFrank Valentini - 2006 Reunion with Wyman Underwood Bailey
2006 Reunion Picnic2006 Reunion Picnic with Bill Wyman, wife Connie, Mary Underwood and Bonnie Bailey
Frank Valentini - 2009 RetirementFrank Valentini - 2009 in SF Giants Uniform
2009 Photo at his retirement2009 'Baseball Card' image of Frank in a SF Giants Uniform
Frank and Connie Valentini - 2011 Reunion PicnicFrank Valentini - 2011 Reunion with Lewis Naylor Morness
2011 Reunion Picnic with Connie2011 Reunion Picnic with Loretta Lewis, Holly Naylor and Karen Morness

Updated 4/19/09

I retired on February 27, 2009, after working for the State of California Department of Transportation for 39 years. I was an attorney for the State, and most recently my specialty was cases involving eminent domain and inverse condemnation law. Prior to that I worked on defending Caltrans in government tort liability cases.

Connie and I have one son, Dominic, who is finishing his third year at the naval academy in Annapolis, Maryland next month. Dominic is majoring in mechanical engineering and hopes to go into the nuclear surface warfare community after he is commissioned in May of 2010. He clearly gets his brains and personal discipline from his mother.

Updated 4/19/09

Retirement pictures at Frank's Retirement. Tom MacDonald is probably the only one you'll recognize. He told some old high school and San Jose State stories when we roomed together.

By the way, Connie is my wife and Dominic is my son. You'll see them first on the retirement photos.

Updated 2/10/09

Well, my son did get accepted to the United States Naval Academy in Annapolis, MD. He is currently a Midshipman 2nd Class (a junior). My wife Connie was initially against his going to a service academy, but now she could not be more proud of him. Me too.

As of today, I have only eight more working days left before I retire from my job of over 39 years at Caltrans.

I have no immediate plans for the future except for tackling the many projects that have accumulated because of the deferred maintenance on my house of 23 years. I am looking forward to working with my hands again.

Look us up if you are ever in Marin County.


I am an attorney for the State of California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) and I am planning on retiring in March of 2009 after 39 years of service.

Connie, my wife of 19 years, and I have a son, Dominic, who is graduating from Saint Ignatius College Preparatory High School in San Francisco in June of 2006. Dominic is our only child, and for the last 17 years our lives have revolved around his activities. As of this writing, 12/8/05, we do not know where he will be going to college. By this time next year we expect to be flat broke empty nesters. That is unless our son is accepted to his first choice of colleges which is the U.S. Naval Academy.

Original entry

I commute to San Francisco on the Larkspur ferry, where I am an attorney for Caltrans. Our office covers legal matters for Caltrans in an area that covers the coastal counties from the Oregon border to the Ventura County line. Connie works in Oakland as an Environmental Planner.

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