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I just moved into a new,to me, home on a hill. The view from the front door is to a densely wooded area that is so thick I can't see through it. Before things green up in the spring I have a great view of the Missouri River. So far, only my dog and I live here.


I am now divorced, unfortunately, retired and living in the Midwest. People still pick my brain for information on disaster and terrorism response but I no longer hold any titles.


I retired on disability from the Office of Information Technology at BYU in 2008. Shortly thereafter I was divorced and moved to Liberty,MO. After spending most of my adult life raising a family and doing way too much volunteer work in public safety for Payson City, Utah County, The State of Utah, DOJ, FEMA, Red Cross, Sept 11th Responder and FBI, I am now trying to live a quiet life. I am currently battling cancer and determined it won't get me. No fast cars just a Dodge pickup w/Cummins diesel... and my bicycles that I am determined to ride.


I was married once before for a short time. We had one daughter who still comes to see me. I met my current wife, Annie, when she applied for a job with the company I worked for. Annie and I have been married for a little over 30 years now. We have six children and 7 grandchildren as of this month. We have lived in Utah for most of our married life and enjoy our small community.

I work as a purchasing agent for OIT at BYU. In my spare time I am a Program Director for CERT, serve as a terrorism consultant to a couple of National Guard units and also as a Law Enforcement Protective Measures instructor.

My wife is currently trying to get me to take up golf with her or something that doesn't have to deal with Weapons of Mass Destruction.

Added 9/27/01

We were blessed by the arrival of our second grand daughter last Thursday. Jasmine Celeste Jonas arrived at 6lbs 15oz and 19" long. She has a mop of reddish brown hair and is, of course, gorgeous. She and our daughter Nikki are doing well.

I no longer speed around the country side in an English Ford Anglia. I moved up to a modified German Ford Merkur. There is a big diference between 39 horsepower and 300 horsepower let me tell you. ;)

Original Entry

It has been a long time since we have seen PG and I have yet to make even one reunion. It looks like my record will stand this year also. September 28th is the due date for the grand entrance of our newest grand daughter. We have to be here for that. This is only our second grandchild.

We bailed out of California almost 23 years ago and started our home in Payson, Utah. It is a great little community that is just now starting to grow. We have hit a population of about 14,000. My wife Annie and I have been married for 26 plus years. She is a fantastic lady who grew up in San Jose. She graduated in 1972. We have six children ranging in age from 16 to 25. I have an older daughter from a previous marriage. She and her husband spend a lot of time with us also. That is pretty cool. All of our children live within 15 miles of us with our youngest 3 sons still living at home. Four of our children are married with our youngest daughter being the latest(May 19th).

My wife, Annie, has worked at Nestles for 12 years and I have been employed at Brigham Young University for 21+ years. I do purchasing for the Office of Information Technology. I also am responsible for the Emergency Medical Technicians on campus. Don't even try to figure out that connection.

One of the best parts of living in a smaller community, like Payson is or PG used to be, is the opportunity to volunteer. After serving 4 years on the City Council and 9 years with the Ambulance, I was appointed to serve as the Emergency Preparedness Coordinator under the Chief of Police. This is a volunteer position but takes 20 to 30 hours per week (if I don't have to attend any Olympic planning meetings). I do the disaster planning, train the volunteer disaster response teams and give talks on "preparedness" to local civic groups and congregations. Other duties relating to my Emergency Preparedness Coordinator position with the city have involved writing city ordinances, the Emergency Operations and Response Plans. Maybe I should have gone to law school! It is challenging but rewarding.

I also serve as a volunteer "TERRORISM CONSULTANT" for the Medical Detachment of a Utah Air Guard unit. This is an interesting task for a guy who was 4F and never spent a day in the military. Basically, I try to teach the medics to stay alive if they have to respond to a terrorist incident, etc. They are learning something and so am I! Word to the wise, when you "take out" the Base Commander, they tend to get upset!

Our children have enjoyed growing up so close to the mountains. They can be up Payson Canyon among the Aspens in 10 minutes or out to the desert in 30 minutes. There is no problem finding places to ride mountain bikes here either! It has been very peaceful and I almost hate to see it grow. Anyone who wants to see what Payson is like only has to rent the video of "Footloose". Most of it was filmed in Payson. All of it was filmed in our county.

I have found the website for PGHS and will send my membership off to the Alumni Association this week or next. Please say HI!! to everyone for me. It will be good to see everyone WHEN I actually make it to a reunion. Maybe the 40th!

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