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Lighthouse 6th Grade Mr Kibler
If someone can help with names, please send them in the following format.
Top Row: Name, Name, Name, etc.
2nd Row: Name, Name, Name, etc.
I've started gathering names. I think I am accurate except for the ones with a ? behind the name.
Top Row: Russell Marion, Mr. Scott or switch Mr. Kibler, David Schupbach.
2nd Row: Craig Coffin, Mary McCullough, Larry Cram, Rene Rodriquez?, Chris Faulks?,?
3rd Row: Peggy Glynn, Gunnar Sande, Margaret Decker, Dale Pflueger, Cheryl Hoffman, Eric Jaehne, Clarice Embry, Alex Bogatirev, ?
4th Row: Susan Spiking, Susan Rzeppa, Wally McCully,Rebecca Goff,Stephen Thornburg,Kitty Kier,Ken Morris,Judy Baer,Robin Rasmussen.
5th Row: Karl Schlarb,Darlene Johnson,?,Bill Wardle, John Guerin, Susan Stutzman, Randy Baron

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