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John LaPierreJohn LaPierre Self Portrait
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February 22, 2015


FACULTY John LaPierre (89)

Monterey Peninsula Herald, CA Mar 2015

John LaPierre, a long-time resident of Pacific Grove and local artist passed away February 22, 2015.

John proudly served in the Navy during World War II in Europe and Southeast Asia.

John was a graduate of the California College of Arts and Crafts in Oakland CA with a B.A. in Art Education, and a M.A. from Stanford. John was a member of the Pacific Grove High School Art Department for 33 years, and also a life-time member of the Carmel Art Association. To this day, many of his former students from Pacific Grove High and elementary schools fondly remember him as a kind, caring, and wonderful teacher.

John is survived by his wife, Ann LaPierre, daughters, Stephanie Travis and Debra Vaughn, grandsons, Aaron and Cameron Travis, great grandchildren, Blake, Clay, Jude Travis and Chase, Emma Travis and his sister Elaine Desrosiers.

The family would like to thank all the staff at Ava Maria for his care.

A memorial will be held at a later date. - See more at:


Facebook comment by Bill Roberts - A fine man, a fine teacher and a major early influence on my brother, Max Robert (Michael Roberts, Class of '70)


Facebook Comment by Joanie Hyler - For some reason I had a art piece that he did. It was a collage of magazine clippings of SF that he had done. Perhaps he gave it to my Aunt Gertie who was the Secretary for the high school principal for so many years and we ended up with it from her estate. Anyway, I contacted his daughter and said I thought it should go back to the family. She put her Dad in the car and they came up to the house to get the picture. He was frail and older, but it was great to see him. Another PG icon has left us. RIP Mr LaPierre.


Facebook Comment by Bill Roberts - Nice story Joan. Collage was one of his main genres as an artist, I believe. My brother did a whole series of collages under his tutelage. I still have at least one of them someplace in storage


Facebook Comment by Ilene Cashman - I had him as a teacher! He's one of a handful of teachers I'll always remember because he was so cool, kind and good at what he did, teaching.


Facebook Comment by Charlyce Lovett Estes - This self-portrait is so him!


Facebook Comment by Aaron Vasquez - Mr. LaPierre taught art at Forest Grove (probably at those other elementary schools too) in the mid-80s, when I had him as a teacher. I still remember all these years later a few of the projects that we did in his class. Quite impactful, I would say.


Facebook Comment by Susan Dickson - My freshman year, Mr. LaPierre went to England for a year and we had an exchange teacher. I think her name was Mrs. Guest. The next year Mr. LaPierre was back and had great anecdotes about the differences between American teenagers and British teenagers. I enjoyed his style of teaching very much. I am sorry that he has passed.


Facebook Comment by May Wong - Ah Mr LaPierre. I always enjoyed his class...RIP


Facebook Comment by Pennie Hernandez - He and Pat Bowles were my leading inspiration to continue in the arts. John taught me how to think outside of the box in many areas. Helped me win an art scholarship to San Jose State. He will be missed. RIP Prayers


Facebook Comment by P.j. McCreary - my absolutely favorite PGHS teacher,'61-'62


Facebook Comment by Laura May-Twohig - Awww, a fine man. I loved his class.


Facebook Comment by Gary Stewart - Mr. LaPierre ('64-'65) started my art career. I was a Technical Illustrator until retirement 4 years ago.


Facebook Comment by Kathryn Lunt - Happy trails to you, Mr. LaPierre You were favorite art teacher and friend Blessings to Stephanie and her family and friends for healing from their loss


Facebook Comment by Patty Barter Marsh - So many times through out the years, I've thought of Mr LaPierre. I truly enjoyed taking art from him and all of the creative things he has us doing. I still have several of the block prints and projects I made. Those of us who were fortunate enough to take his class were truly blessed. Heaven has gained another treasure. My prayers are with his family.


Email comment by Tom MacDonald - I'm SO sorry to hear about John. He and his wife, Ann, were very close friends with my parents. I've attached a photo of the two of them from a 1981 trip with my parent.s. We were even golf buddies - actually, he and my dad were golf buddies. I just tagged along. RIP.


Email comment by Craig Coffin - Thanks, Tom! Mr. LaPierre and Mr. Savo were my favorite teachers. I occasionally refer to my favorite LaPierre tidbits - Like the time he showed us some of our Ecuadorian exchange student's art and pretended amazement that someone who didn't even speak English fluently could produce such marvelous work. Not everyone got it right off. Great delivery! Good person.


Email comment by Dale Lipp - Sad to hear about Mr. LaPierre. We lived on Sloat Road in the Drive and he lived the next street over. I attended his arts and crafts as a freshman at the old high school. His class was on the second floor about the middle of the building facing Forest Avenue. I painted a still life of a tea kettle and fruit water color in his class (along with his help), and my parents framed it and mounted in each of their 4 homes. After the passing of my mom last year, I now have it. I can still hear his voice and the way he motivated us to be artistic. He was the advisor for our class. He was concerned about our class being able to create and provide a Prom for the Senior class of was one of the best ever, and he was pleased with how we all got our act together to make it happen. BTW, he drew the picture of himself in the obit, and if I remember, he did it looking in mirror in our crafts class. Also, I think he attended one of our class reunions.


Email comment by Margeret Dunipace Baldwin - I was so sad to hear the news of John LaPierre's passing but grateful that you sent it, Tom. Rick and I have three of his paintings hanging here in our house, and we treasure them.


Facebook Comment by Tom MacDonald - Back in the late 1990's, my brother Bob MacDonald and I created web pages for Monterey area businesses. As I told John about it one day, he inquired if we might be able to post some old line drawings and other art of his and see if they would sell. We created this page for him - If you click on any of the pictures, you will get a larger version.

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